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Your Body is a Sacred Temple

Your Body is a Sacred Temple

According to the spiritual teachings of the Tree of Life, your body is a “Sacred Temple”. WHY? Because it is home to the most powerful force in the universe…


Each one of us is a divine being, mysteriously clothed in a physical body. Sometimes we forget that beyond the physical body lies the true essence of our core nature – our divine nature. But there’s more to our sacred Temple.

We actually have 4 bodies:

  1. Our Divine body
  2. Our Spiritual body
  3. Our Emotional /psychological body
  4. Our Physical body

It is said that when it is our time to come to earth, our name is called by the Divine and we “dive” out of the divine oneness and descend through the worlds until we finally arrive in a physical body on planet earth.

If this is so, then truly we have a miraculous design. We have a divine connection to all things in creation, we have a spiritual body that holds the code of our purpose and destiny, we have an emotional body that is our psychological character and a physical body that houses it all.

Do you feel fully grounded in your sacred body? Do you fully embody life in this precious, miraculous body? Many people don’t feel completely comfortable with their body, have a distorted body image or are critical of their body. An important step in getting grounded involves feeling fully embodied and fully incarnated, happy to be here on earth with an earth body!

According to the Tree of Life, your physical body is the most visible and tangible of the four different bodies that you inhabit. Your divine, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies correspond to the four elements of fire, air, water and earth.

It is said that we originate with a divine body which corresponds to the element fire. We then descend during the creation process into the world of Spirit and take on a spiritual body, corresponding to the element air. Next we descend into the emotional world of the psyche and take on a psychological body, corresponding to the element of water. Finally we incarnate and take on a physical body that corresponds to the element earth. Our physical body, therefore, holds and contains all four bodies.

It is truly mysterious that this flesh-and-blood body of ours is the container for our psychological, spiritual and divine natures. And it is equally amazing that our body connects so powerfully with the four elements of earth, water, air and fire.

Contemplate the sacredness of your body today and see what you discover. You will feel more grounded when you connect to your body as sacred.

One powerful spiritual practice that can help you become more grounded in your body, is to imagine your body’s connection with the elements of earth, water, air and fire. Be as imaginative as you like.

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