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Womens Initiations – The Warrioress

What does it mean to follow the path of the Warrioress?

When a woman embodies the Warrioress, she has a strong, grounded presence. She is connected to the element of earth and knows how to stand her ground.

She draws healthy boundaries around herself to protect and support her vital life essence. A Warrioress is brave in facing and overcoming her fears.

The Shadow Path of Fear

I remember a woman who came to one of my Warrioress workshops who was very fearful and felt she was a victim of her life circumstances. She was stuck in what I call the shadow path of the Warrioress, the path of Fear. She was waiting for someone to rescue her instead of facing her fears and taking back her strength and power.

As she described her life, she was fearful to speak up and assert her own needs. At work she was afraid to defend herself when other people tried to push their own agenda. She was scared of people who had authority over her and was easily intimidated. In her personal life she preferred to play small and not rock the boat. She avoided any kind of confrontation.

As a child she had been emotionally abused by an intrusive mother and had never learned how to make appropriate boundaries for herself. Without an energetic shield to protect herself she allowed others to exploit her physically and emotionally. Slowly she became downtrodden and gave up her goals.

She suffered from victimizing inner dialogue which went something like,  “you can’t do this, you’re not capable of that, who do you think you are?” In the end, she felt more and more isolated and victimized by her own fears.

Results of the Warrioress Initiation

Coming to the Warrioress initiation took a lot of courage for her but she really wanted to find her own strength, not be victimized anymore and she wanted to face her fears. Through the different initiations, she bravely faced some fears and learned how to make strong and appropriate boundaries around herself. She practiced standing her ground and speaking her truth. After embodying the energy of the Warrioress, she looked remarkably stronger, taller and more solid.

In the coming months our new Warrioress woman transformed her victimizing inner dialogue. She practiced one of the Warrioress affirmations, “I am a Warrioress, powerful in body, focused and strong.” She practiced holding firm boundaries and not allowing anyone to intimidate her by trying to push her boundary or assert their own agenda.

Join me in learning more about the Warrioress archetype ad the empowered Path of Strength. When you are initiated and embody the Warrioress energy, you feel instinctively alive and profoundly connected to your body and to the earth. You are grounded, courageous, bold and empowered to face your fears. You stands your ground, speaks your truth and hold boundaries to protect your precious life essence. As a Warrioress you are the strength of your community, protecting and defending personal and collective truth.

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