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Womens Initiations – The Visionary

What does it mean to follow the Visionary on the Path of Change?

When a woman embodies the Visionary she is clear minded, creative and able to envision change. She is master of the element of air and knows how to cut through confusion and illusion and master her thoughts. The Visionary envisions new ways of doing and being and guides others towards necessary transformation.

A Visionary knows what needs to die to be reborn. They encourage change and new direction and breathe life back into the self, the village, the community.

The Shadow Path of Chaos

One woman who came to my Visionary initiation was really struggling with a lot of confusion about who she was and her purpose. She was struggling with what I call the shadow path of the Visionary, the path of Chaos. She was so busy and scattered in her energy that she didn’t follow through with her commitments, was chronically late and procrastinated on completing her creative projects (she was a gifted photographer).

As she described her life, I could feel her anxiety and chaotic energy. I observed how she sabotaged herself time and again – instead of expanding her business or following through with her new products she always got distracted. Some new crisis would occur with her children or ex-partner. When confronted about her chaos, she threw up elaborate smokescreens and made every excuse why things weren’t changing. She really was a master of self-deception.

She really had lost her focus. She had lots of ideas, lots of plans but they never came to fruition. She remained confused, never changing or moving on with her life. Her friends were so frustrated they threw up their hands in exasperation. She suffered also from sabotaging inner voices that said, “You’ll never step into your wisdom and power. You will never change!”

Results of the Visionary Initiation

Being initiated as a Visionary brought some significant changes to this courageous woman! She really wanted to stop the swirling chaos, slow down and discover her true gifts and purpose. Through the different Visionary initiations, she was able to resolve her self- confusion and self-doubt and see clearly where she needed to go and what she needed to do.

In the coming days and months, she began to envision the changes she wanted and focus on her creative projects to expand her business and develop some cool new products for her clients. Our new Visionary women was practicing her affirmation, “I am a Visionary, powerful in mind, full of vision.” This helped her clear her mind and trust in her own creativity.

Join me in learning more about the Visionary archetype and the empowered Path of Change. When you are initiated and embody the Visionary energy you are profoundly clear, discerning and objective. Your mind is liberated from limiting thoughts and beliefs so that you can be creative and innovative, inviting change. As a Visionary you breathe new life where things need to be reborn, renovated, resurrected and transformed.


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