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Womens Initiations – The Queen

What does it mean to follow the path of the Queen?

When a woman embodies the Queen, she is loving, compassionate and emotionally balanced. She is master of the element of water and knows how to master emotions and nourish the heart. She is emotionally honest and her heart is true.

A Queen is openhearted, generous and empathetic. A Queen knows that self-love and self-nourishment are the keys to happiness and successful relationships.

The Shadow Path of Self-Sacrifice

Recently I worked with a woman who sacrificed herself for everyone in her life and then complained that she had no energy left for herself. She was stuck in what I call the shadow path of the Queen, the path of self-sacrifice. She was waiting for someone to rescue her out of her misery and martyrdom instead of taking back her emotional power and opening her heart to receive love.

As she described her life, she was exhausted caring for many, many people including her family, friends and clients (she was in the helping professions). She attracted people into her life who needed rescuing because of addictions, bad relationships, you name it – they came to her. Instead of saying no, she continued to care for people even though they did not reciprocate and give much to her.

As a child, she grew up with an alcoholic mother who was very narcissistic so she never really learned how to love or be loved. Her heart had closed long ago, even though the longing to connect and feel love was still very real and painful.  She kept insisting that she did want to be loved and adored but she kept herself closed and impenetrable. It was very hard for her to trust, be vulnerable and open her heart to let people in. So she ended up feeling angry and bitter, drained of energy and doomed to remain forever disappointed in love.



Results of the Queen Initiation

Coming to the Queen Initiation helped her to open her heart. She realized that playing the martyr and sacrificing herself was totally counter-productive to attracting healthy relationships. Through the different initiations she made a conscious choice to open her heart, let love in and let go of the anger and bitterness that kept her heart frozen and caged. She made a powerful commitment to love and nurture herself in tangible ways. After embodying the energy of the Queen she softened and opened in a dramatic way!

In the coming months after the initiation, our new Queen woman was radiating love and compassion. She was practicing her Queen affirmation, “I am a Queen, full of emotion and big of heart.” She was nurturing herself first before anyone else so she felt replenished and filled with new happiness.

Join me in learning more about the Queen archetype and the empowered Path of Compassion. When you are initiated and embody the Queen energy, you feel emotionally centered and balanced. Your heart has been cleansed of debilitating grief, anger, bitterness and disappointment and your heart is open to love. You trust her emotional intelligence and intuition. You are deeply compassionate with yourself and others. As a Queen you hold the emotional container for yourself, your loved ones and your community.

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