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Womens Initiations – The Manifestor

When a woman embodies the Manifestor, she can focus her will, manifest her desires and is prepared for action! She is master of the element of fire and knows how to control her will with purposeful direction.

A Manifestor sees what needs to be done and inspires, motivates and leads so the dream can be accomplished. A Manifestor aligns her powerful will to the  universal will and considers the highest good for all concerned. Manifestors have the courage to shine their big fiery light and inhabit their full power without apology.

The Shadow Path of Manipulation

One  woman who came to a Manifestor initiation workshop was really struggling to get her will under control. She was quite domineering and she manipulated situations and people to get what she wanted. She was stuck in what I call the shadow path of the Manifestor, the path of Manipulation. She left a path of devastation wherever she went as she exploited people to get what she wanted. People were intimidated by her and so they stayed away. It didn’t surprise me when she admitted feeling isolated, lonely and powerless.

When she reflected on her life, she was aware that she alienated her loved ones by compulsively working and she alienated co-workers by pushing them aside, disregarding their desires and disempowering them. She was successful, competent, directed and purposeful – but to what end? There was a hole in her belly filled with a lack of self-confidence and insecurity. She hated that she secretly felt invisible and powerless but when she could manipulate others, it felt so good, it filled the hole in her belly and made her feel important.

She was so tired of this vicious cycle, she wanted to come into right relationship with her power and not use it to manipulate others any longer. But she knew she’d have to make amends, control her will and face her loneliness and self-hatred. She could see how the years of manipulation choked the life out of all she loved and left her barren and empty.

Results of the Manifestor Initiation

Coming to the Manifestor initiation helped her to focus her considerable will in a more positive, life-giving direction. She began to understand the power of her destructive will and the severe consequences when she used her power to dominate and control. Through the different initiations, she learned tame her fire, focus her fire, radiate her fire and command her fiery will.

In the coming months she practiced aligning her will with the higher will of Spirit and dedicating the whole operation to the highest good for all. She also practiced considering what other people want and need and came to see the value in sacrificing her own needs and desires in order to compromise and stay connected in relationships. What a huge difference this made in her relationships!

Join me in learning more about the Manifestor archetype and the empowered Path of Action. When you are initiated and embody the Manifestor energy you will use your conscious will wisely to manifest your dreams and desires in real life. You will be able to mobilize the resources you need and you will inspire, motivate and empower others to manifest their highest good. In this way we will all be shining our bright light, radiating our full power and creating the world to which we aspire and dream!




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