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Why we can’t Manifest?

Why we can’t Manifest?

Did you know you have a personal midwife who can coach you to birth and manifest whatever you desire? Inside of you, you posses an archetype, an inner character, that is your own personal birth coach!

With the Midwife’s help, you can bring anything to birth, whether it is an organization, a book, a product, a piece of art or a professional qualification. With the Midwife’s help you will become radically embodied and radically present with yourself and others.

To activate your inner Midwife, imagine what she/he looks like and visualize this coach inside you. Then think of what do you want to birth at this time in your life? Ask your Midwife to coach you through it and write out what she/he says to you. Follow the advice and experiment. See how much more grounded you feel when you are manifesting and birthing!

The job of the Midwife is to coach a mother through her pregnancy and to help bring that new baby into life; to oversee and manifest projects and to help birth your ideas and new levels of consciousness. If you have not called the Midwife energy to assist you in whatever you are bringing to birth and have no one overseeing or holding the sacred space, there could be great difficulty in the “pregnancy” and the birth. Projects and ideas might be abandoned or aborted without a Midwife’s coaching and guidance.

The Midwife teaches you how to be profoundly present as you actively open to your own creative process. She/He teaches you that birth is always accompanied by birth pains, including the contractions and expansions of your imagination as you create, and the contractions and expansions of your emotions as you grow. The birth pains also manifest in the pushing and pulling as we begin a new phase of life, such as parenthood, marriage or a new job.

The Midwife within you is specifically interested in what is coming to birth, preparing the space in every way she can. This corresponds to the part of you preparing the soil into which the new birth will come. The Midwife is the coach, encouraging you to move through the process and not give up. There are so many ways that you might sabotage what you are trying to manifest, but the Midwife keeps you on track through the gestation and incubation stage, through the labor pains and through to the final birth.

When you have fully internalized the Midwife, you will feel embodied, able to show up, able to keep your promises, be on time, stick it out, stay present and bring a solid presence to any situation.  You will be known to others as solid, dependable, reliable and powerfully embodied.

Happy Midwifing!




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