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What is My Purpose?

What is My Purpose?

This is a worthy question even if you don’t get the whole answer right away.

It is a worthy question because it lifts your gaze from a personal to a transpersonal perspective of life. In the words from the Tree of Life, it lifts you out the trunk and into the branches of your Tree.

If you only develop the roots and trunk of your Tree of Life and nothing more, your perspective of life remains truncated. When the branches are not consciously developed, your vision remains stunted, revolving around a small range of personal concerns.

Growing the branches and expanding your truncated vision of life is often initiated by a “calling” to find your true purpose. This calling is an invitation to grow bigger inside and take your place in the unfolding of destiny.

A calling to develop your branches confronts you with the enormity of Spirit, which can be difficult as you are challenged to surrender your comforts and attachments to a purely personal life. So how do you figure out what your spiritual purpose really is?

Here is one important question that will help you begin this process today.

What is remarkable about me?

In order to receive the calling to your destiny, you must believe that you have a remarkable purpose, that you came into the world to fulfill a remarkable task.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, it is a task for which you are uniquely suited. Understand that the universe is working against all odds to ensure the fulfillment of this task because it is needed in the grand design

A helpful exercise:

Pretend now that you are your own spiritual guide. Get a piece of paper and write these three questions at the top, filling your name in the blank spaces.

  • What is remarkable about _________?
  • Why has ________ come into the world?
  • What is ________’s   special task?

Have fun answering the questions as if you were your own spirit guide. This gives you some objectivity and helps you be more creative. You may surprise yourself with the answers – and it may very well be your deep spiritual nature that answers this for you!

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