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Trust the Great Mother

Trust the Great Mother

The Great Mother is a powerful archetypal force that is around you in spirit and also within you as wonderful internal resource. The Great Mother energy gives you unconditional love, kindness, deep listening and radical acceptance of all you do and all you are. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Don’t you want this in your life at all times?

Of course you do, but many people did not have a positive relationship with their own personal mother and this can make it difficult to trust the Great Mother and to internalize a good mother within you. When this happens it is difficult to receive all the “good food” that the Great Mother has to offer.

Take a moment to write down all the qualities of a Good Mother such as kindness, compassion, love, patience, guidance, wisdom. Now imagine internalizing all those qualities (and more as they come to you). You can do this by imagining a good mother holding you and infusing these qualities into you. Or you can imagine a mother inside you who offers these beautiful qualities to every cell and every part of your being.

Internalizing a good mother is the best emotional investment that you will ever make. Once you have embodied these qualities, the good mother will be present and accessible for the rest of your life, leading to the freedom you need to Flow and Play throughout life.

Trusting the Great Mother allows you to be in your child energy without anxiety or fear. You can rest, flop, relax, and play happily in the Mother’s lap. You can let your creative imagination explore the farthest reaches of inner space because She is providing the support.

When you have internalized a Good Mother inside of you, you will gain:

Healthy self-esteem

  • A strong ego
  • A healthy template for intimacy
  • Inner security
  • Playfulness
  • Imagination
  • Flexibility and comfort with change

Without a good mother in your life to hold you physically, emotionally and spiritually, it is difficult to dip into your child energy to play, let go of control, explore and experiment. Without the good mother, you can feel isolated, anxious and unable to contain your feelings. You can feel abandoned with little or no extended family or community to hold you in a loving embrace where you can rest and relax. You then expect your spouse or child or therapist to be your only good mother, which puts far too much pressure on individual relationships. When a whole culture feels bereft of the good mother, there can be widespread abuse of alcohol, drugs, sex and materialism.

If you want to explore this investment in the Good Mother further, we have two training programs each year that teach you exactly how to internalize a good mother permanently! Consider joining the Tree of Life Training or the Spiritual Psychology Course.  Both courses teach you how to internalize all the positive qualities of the Good Mother so that you have healthy self-esteem and a happy inner child!

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