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Tree of Life and Chakras


From the ancient tradition of Kabbalah, we know that The Tree of Life forms a sacred geometric grid on the body and that our body has Chakras.

This sacred geometric grid consists of a series of Power Points on the body called the “Sephirot” that are activated as you gently snake energy up and down the body in what is called the Lightning Flash.

The Lightning Flash is an ancient technique of moving energy through the body to awaken the template of the Tree of Life that is imprinted in your body at birth.


Tree of Life Chakra Meditation


We have created a special Tree of Life Chakra meditation that will energize your Body, Balance your Emotions, Calm your Mind. It activates the Tree of Life Power Points on your body while gently awakening the Chakra centers as well.

Chakra activation

Chakras Meditation Benefits

Daily practice with this specific Tree of Life Chakra Activation can produce amazing results for your body, heart and spirit.

As you practice activating your Inner Tree, the fruits of your Tree will awaken and grow and your roots, trunk and branches will naturally come into alignment.

The fruits that grow are the beautiful spiritual qualities of:

  • love
  • wisdom
  • compassion
  • understanding
  • spiritual knowledge
  • intuition
  • discernment
  • healthy boundaries
  • natural self-protection and
  • self-care.

Merkabah 4

Spiraling Energy from the Earth

The Tree of Life Activation Meditation begins by drawing up earth energy through your feet and then spiraling it up into your body, stopping at each Sephirot. Eventually this earth energy goes out the top of your head.

This energizes the upward moving spiral through the body called the “evolutionary” Lightning Flash.

After the earth energy is firmly awakened you then begin to draw down the energy from above, from the heavens / stars / Divine. You spiral the “star” energy down, stopping at each Sephirot until you allow it to go into the ground. This downward moving spiral through the body is called the “creative” Lightning Flash.

When you activate the upward and downward spirals in the body, along with the Power Points and chakras, you will feel a tremendous increase in the vital energy of your body.

You will also feel your emotions come into balance and your mind becoming quiet and open.

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chakra and Tree

The link between the 7 Initiations and the Chakras:

1. Get grounded –  In the 1st initiation you connect to the body and earth to feel grounded and secure and work energetically with the 1st chakra.

2. Flow and PlayIn the 2nd initiation you learn to trust your instincts, flow with your own natural rhythms and work energetically with the 2nd chakra.

3. CommunityIn the 3rd initiation you connect to your tribe to experience a deep sense of community belonging and work energetically with the 3rd chakra.                                                                                                       

4. Claim your PowerIn the 4th initiation you claim your own power, find your own path and the beat of your own heart. Here you work energetically with the 4th chakra.

5. Open your HeartIn the 5th initiation you authentically open your heart and speak your heart’s truth and work energetically with the 5th chakra.

6. Find your Purpose, Free your Creative SpiritIn the 6th initiation you open your third eye, your spiritual knowing, to discover your higher purpose and work energetically with the 6th chakra.

7. Share your GiftsIn the 7th initiation your tree bears fruit and you can share your gifts with the world. You can also experience union with the Divine Source and work energetically with the 7th chakra.


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