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Tree of Life Training

With Megan Wagner and Jim Larkin

All courses offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.  restrictions we are doing the training ONLINE

Tree of Life Video Overview

7 Steps to Living your Soul’s Mission & Purpose

2023 – Online Jan-June

The Tree of Life Training is a 4-Month Online plus one 4-Day LIVE weekend intensive experience of transformation, with group support and individual mentoring to guide you through the 7 Stages of Initiation.

Through storytelling, ritual, psychodrama, art and personal and group exercises, you will learn techniques to heal your inner Tree of Life and gain tools to reach your goals and manifest your dreams.

You will connect deeply with your Soul’s Purpose and create a Soul Action Plan to manifest your Mission and create the Life you Love. 

In the Tree of Life Training™ you will:

  • Identify your Soul’s Mission
  • Create a Daily Self-Care Plan to support your Soul’s Mission 
  • Breakthrough blocks that sabotage your Soul’s Mission
  • Discover spiritual practices to manifest your Soul’s Mission and create the Life you Love


Tree of Life on the human body

Tree of Life on the human body

Your Individual Map and Blueprint

The Tree of Life lives within you, with its roots, trunk and branches corresponding to body, soul and spirit.

Tree of Life Training™ provides the tools you need to develop your Tree of Life to its full potential and live with physical, emotional and spiritual vitality – healing your roots, strengthening your trunk and opening your branches to a spiritual perspective of life.

Your inner Tree is a perfect divine blueprint that is encoded with your destiny. It guides you step-by-step to live passionately, open-heartedly and deeply connected to your wise spiritual center.

  • The Roots of your Tree nourish and support your Mission.
  • The Trunk of your Tree champions your Mission.
  • The Branches of your Tree help manifest your Mission in the world.


TOL-Study Group

Tree of Life Training

7 Steps to Living your Soul’s Mission & Purpose

Through our time together, you learn the 7 Steps to support your Soul’s Mission & Purpose.

Step 1 – Create Vibrant Health. Learn grounding practices & energetic clearing to reduce stress and increase your vital energy. Wake up feeling energized.

Step 2 – Establish a Daily Self-Care Plan. Transform negative self-talk and old habits into positive thoughts, feelings and actions. Make healthy lifestyle choices each day.

Step 3 – Call in your Soul Tribe. Break free of negative family patterns and call in healthy relationships and community. Invite accountability and support from your tribe.

Step 4 – Claim your Passion & Power. Feel self-confident and assertive and use your energy wisely. Live a passionate, adventurous life!

Step 5 – Create your Soul Mission Map. Unite your inner cast of characters to achieve your Soul’s Mission. Be centered and openhearted.

Step 6 – Free your Creative Spirit. Awaken your higher self with life-giving spiritual practices. Be transformed and liberated!

Step 7 – Share your Gifts. Experience unconditional love towards self and others. Share your gifts with the world.

Your beautiful gifts are needed in this time of transformational change. As you express your life purpose and share your talents with the world, miracles happen all around you and you feel a part of the great flow of life.

spiritual path 2


Wisdom from many traditions

We integrate wisdom teachings from Kabbalah, Depth Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Mythology, Family Systems, Archetypes, Alchemy and Astrology.

Who Takes the Training?

The Tree of Life Training is aimed at seekers from any walk of life who want to increase their journey psychological health and spiritual awakening. The training is designed for therapists, health care professionals, spiritual directors, chaplains, life coaches, religious professionals, business consultants, teachers and interested students.

Opening to Your Creative Potential

We use various techniques to facilitate personal discovery and spiritual awareness including writing exercises, prayers, sacred body postures, meditations, art projects, dreamwork, storytelling, ritual, psychodrama, drumming, chanting and work with Megan’s Ceremonial Robes.

Included in the Program

  • 4 Live Weekends – We meet live 4x in Northern California, from Thursday – Sunday. For 2 evenings we do group ritual together to embody the Initiations we are learning.
  • 4 Spiritual Alignment calls during and after the program.
  • Tree of Life Book  – Receive Megan’s book, Awakening with the Tree of Life.
  • Private website access to Online Program – Access our private interactive website with meditations and live storytelling taking you step-by-step through the training.
  • Tools, Exercises, Guided Meditations – Learn practical tools, exercises and meditations to help heal and align your Tree of Life.
  • Sacred Robes – Interact with Megan’s 33 Sacred Robes for healing, meditation and guidance through the Initiation Process.
  • Spiritual Healing Technology – Interact with Spiritual Technology from Damanhur to enhance personal healing, synchronicity and vision. Click here for more information.
  • Personal Astrology Session with Megan – Receive a personalized Astrology reading with Megan at the beginning of the course, which focuses on your Soul’s unique Mission and Purpose. This reading highlights your gifts and challenges and suggests areas of focus for your training.
  • Personal consultation with Jim – Receive a personal MBTI (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator) reading from Jim.
  • Personal Guidance from Tree of Life Staff – Receive a personal tarot reading, crystal healing and energy balancing of your Soul to support your Soul’s Mission.

Receive abundance

MeganJim Bar Mitzvah

Facilitated by Megan Wagner and Jim Larkin 

Megan and Jim have been teaching together for 30 years. They are Interfaith Ministers, Kabbalah Teachers and Ritual Leaders. Their Mission is to support you living your Soul’s Mission & Purpose so you can create the life you love.


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Chakra activation



Tree of Life Training Modules and Initiations

You can listen to the free mediations directly from this site or you can download them to your own computer or device. To download on a PC, right-click the hyperlinked title and “Download File”. On a Mac, right-click the hyperlinked title or move the curser to the title, click “control”, click with the mouse and select “Download Linked File” or “Download Linked File As..”.

Module 1

Initiation 1: Get Grounded

The initiation journey begins by rooting our Tree of Life, connecting with the earth and the body as the sacred ground of being. You will learn ancient spiritual exercises such as the Tree of Life Chakra Activation Method to help you feel grounded, rooted and contained. When initiation is successful, you will feel profoundly connected to your body and nature and will bring a dynamic presence to any situation. Others will experience you as solid, dependable and reliable, and you will be able to manifest your projects and ideas.

Free Mediation: Your Body and the Four Elements


Initiation 2: Flow and Play

In Initiation 2, you will root your Tree of Life into instinctive soil. Through the ancient Greek myth of Persephone, you will be led on a journey to retrieve your instinctive power. When you complete the second initiation, you will trust your instincts, know your own rhythms and be able to flow with the ever-changing cycles and seasons of life. You will be able to comfort and nurture yourself so you feel deeply rested and replenished. You will be imaginative and playful and available for intimacy.

Free Meditation: Retrieving Instinctive Powers


Module 2

Initiation 3: Connect with your Community

Initiation 3 inspires you to connect in a healthy way to family and community, so that you experience a deep sense of belonging and support for your life’s journey. Through sharing your family genogram, you will learn about your family blessings and curses and come to terms with your ancestral inheritance and heal the roots of your Tree. When initiation is successful, you no longer blame family or tribe for your problems in life and have transformed your negative family patterns into something positive and life-giving.

Free Mediation: Meeting the Ancestors Around the Fire


Module 3

Initiation 4: Claim your Power

In Initiation 4 you begin a new phase of growing your Tree of Life by pushing up from the underground root system and establishing a trunk. Through the story of John the Baptist,  you will be guided to find your own identity away from family and tribe. When the fourth initiation is complete, you can emotionally separate from group expectations and roles, can manage conflict and confrontation, and withstand disapproval from others. You can sustain solitude, take risks and explore new territory.

Free Meditation: Leaving the Village

Initiation 5: Live your Heart’s Truth

In the fifth initiation, you solidify the trunk of your Tree of Life, finding the true center of your personal power and living out your personal truth. During this initiation, you develop and manifest thequalities of the soul, which are: integrity, justice, love and compassion. The ancient Greek myth of Theseus, King Minos and the Minotaur will guide you to complete initiation so that you feel courageous, confident, responsible, potent, passionate and focused.

Free Mediation: Chalice of Your Soul

Module 4

Initiation 6: Free your Creative Spirit

In the sixth initiation, we face the challenges and joys of opening to Spirit so that we may glimpse our life purpose and transform any obstacles blocking us from living our destiny. Through the myth of Dionysus, we will learn how to surrender to the transformation process, which brings not only death and loss, but also ecstasy and new life. When this initiation is successful, we can trust our innate spiritual knowing and feel inspired to practice our creativity.

FreeMediation: Journey for Guidance from Spirit

Initiation 7: Express your Purpose, Share your Gifts

The seventh initiation celebrates the culmination of the journey, when our personal Tree of Life comes into alignment and we experience healing and inner peace. Through the Native American story of the Sacred Snake, we will discover the mysterious sacred spring and connect with our longing for the Divine.

When the seventh initiation is successful, our Tree of Life will bloom and bear fruit and we will share our bountiful gifts and talents with the world. We will feel empowered to fulfill our life task and will be able to bless and initiate fellow seekers, becoming a healing sanctuary for others along the path.

Free Meditation: Meeting the Healer

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