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Tree of Life Training 2013

Tree of Life Training 2013

Receive Support on your Journey in 2013

Please join us for this year’s

Tree of Life Initiation Training

Four 4 day weekends:  March 7-10   May 30 – June 2   July 11-14  and  Sept 12-15

When I receive abundant support in my life, I seem to open, blossom and thrive! I can express myself more fully and I feel a deep happiness and joy. This is what our students feel in our Tree of Life Training each year – abundantly supported to be their True Self and accomplish their goals for the year.

Through the powerful teachings from the Tree of Life we’ll experience incredible transformation on all levels: body, soul and spirit. Enjoy experiential learning, rituals, shamanic journeying, meditations, spiritual exercises, drumming, chanting and more.

Click here for video introduction   Click here for full curriculum


ONLINE Training now available.

We have students from all over the world who wish to participate in the Training but cannot travel to California. So we are very excited to announce our new ONLINE  Training is now complete and available for long distance students.

When you join the ONLINE training, you join our online community of spiritual seekers. You have exclusive access to our membership site with written materials, audio meditations and stories and an interactive learning environment to help you through the 7 Initiations. You will also have access to monthly conference calls.

FREE TRAINING: If you sign up now for the in-person training, you will receive access to the ONLINE course for FREE.  Sign up now and receive the entire online course for FREE.  (Offer ends February 28, 2013)

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