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Tree of Life Light Grid – SHIFT into your most evolved self!

Tree of Life Light Grid – SHIFT into your most evolved self!

Dear companions,

Make sure to practice the Light Grid Activation meditation today. It prepares your inner temple to hold more light and love, which allows you to simply be who you really are. Today is the day to let go of all your old “programs” and upgrade to the best version of yourself!

Many of you are enjoying the meditation and asking where I got the information. Here is what I would like to share.

For 20 years I’ve been developing and teaching the psychological map of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a grid work of energy centers and pathways mapped out on the human body. My book, The Sapphire Staff, was written to teach students how to navigate the map.

I have been asking for years now to be shown the spiritual template of the Tree that offers the spiritual qualities needed for healing and wholeness. So here is how this information came to me during a 30 day spiritual retreat in Italy and Crete in June, 2012.

Accessing the Light Grid Information

In June I was in Damanhur, a spiritual community in the Italian alps where I have been taking groups for the past 7 years. One day I was walking in one of the outdoor labyrinths and I had a powerful spiritual experience. A group of spiritual guides who identified themselves as the Grand Council “dropped in” to my awareness. “We want you to animate us through your sacred robes, and there will be 33.”

This is what I heard or understood (this kind of intuitive awareness is always hard to describe in words). Then I saw a vision of a group of people in my robes, sitting in a circle and singing/ toning and people were being healed by the vibration of the robes and the music. I knew this would be my next big project – to animate the robes and create this Grand Council of 33 spiritual Guides.

I had already created 13 robes with 13 spiritual guides depicted on the robes. So I spent the next few weeks matching the existing robes with the spiritual quality I felt it represented. So one robe felt like “Compassion”, another robe seemed to be “Guidance” and another was clearly “Truth”, etc.

The 11 Power Points and 22 Pathways

From Damanhur, I traveled to Crete to lead my women’s adventure. In Crete, the entire puzzle began to fit together. On one of the last days, my good friend and Kabbalah student Karen pointed out that the 33 Grand Council (sacred robes) would fit perfectly on the Tree of Life, with 11 power points and 22 pathways. That was it! The number 33 creates an entire healing grid, a completed Tree of Life. I suddenly “saw” this light grid was the spiritual Temple that holds each person in love, light and protection. This is the perfect human template or matrix we are born with but gets distorted through our wounds and challenging life experiences!

Within 12 hours I had downloaded the entire blueprint of the Light Grid/Temple/matrix I have presented to you today. With 25 years of Kabbalah study and practice behind me, I knew where each spiritual guide fit on the Tree of Life grid.

I’m in the midst of creating the remaining 20 robes / Grand Council members who fill in the rest of the Tree of Life grid.  I’ll be blogging about each new robe as it comes to life so you can follow along with my progress. Since returning from Damanhur and Crete I’ve created the robes of Passion, Transformation and Breakthrough. The design for Peace is completed and I am working on Understanding.

May the robes (Grand Council guides) inspire the spiritual quality they are trying to convey and may they do their powerful work of healing in the world. And may you feel the support of your spiritual matrix holding you profoundly in love, light and protection!

You can access the meditation here:

Tree of Life Light Grid Activation Audio

Many blessings,

Megan Wagner, PhD


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