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Tree of Life Initiations

The Tree of Life road map offers 7 initiations to help you master all aspects of your life – Body, Soul and Spirit.

The 7 Stages of Initiation

Each Initiation brings you closer to your passion, heart and purpose so your inner Tree of Life can thrive with physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Where are you on the initiation journey?

Here are the 7 stages needed to be fully initiated…..



Stage 1. Get grounded

Your Initiation Journey begins with grounding, being present in your body, setting your intentions and committing yourself to your own path. When you’re grounded and not wasting energy, you’ll be so much more productive and you’ll have a huge reserve of vital energy to focus toward your Passion, Heart and Purpose.


Stage 2. Flow and Play

This is a time to play and explore your true creativity and trust your instincts and intuition. When you engage passionately with life and let your creativity flow, abundance will flow back to you in surprising ways.xxx


Stage 3. Connect with your Community

You need support to live your dreams! Instead of doing it all yourself, connect with your community, your tribe of supporters who understand your passion. Your team will support you and vitalize your journey.xxxx


Stage 4. Claim your Power

When you follow your own path, you access your true self and unique gifts. To bring these forward you have to believe in yourself and claim your power. This is not power that dominates, but power centered in your heart so you can feel strong, confident and self-assured.


Stage 5. Open your Heart

This stage is about opening your heart and manifesting your inner wealth into outer wealth and abundance. When you authentically live your heart’s truth, your beacon of light will attract the right people and circumstances into your life.xxxx


Stage 6. Find your Purpose, Free your Creative Spirit

Your Spirit has a calling and a purpose. You carry a vision within your spirit that is vitally important and needs to be liberated. To free you creative spirit you must surrender all limiting beliefs so you can find your true purpose and live in the joy of Spirit.


Stage 7.  Share your Gifts

Your beautiful gifts are needed in this time of transformational change. As you express your life purpose and share your talents with the world, miracles will happen all around you and you’ll feel a part of the great flow of life.

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