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The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage

Many traditions celebrate the ritual of the Sacred Marriage.

What is it?

Well, it is a symbolic marriage, not a real marriage between 2 people but a marriage between parts of yourself. It’s really an inner marriage that calls forth a powerful force in the universe – a force that unites all matter, all existence into a unified whole.

The purpose of the Sacred Mariage is to see your life from the divine perspective: to experience yourself as whole, holy and divine! Now let’s look at how the divine force can unify all aspects of your being by looking at the Mysteries of the Sacred Marriage.

For thousands of years, bread and wine have been celebrated in ceremonies from traditions spanning the globe, as a consummation of the Sacred Marriage. In most traditions, the bread represents the earth or the feminine principle and the wine represents the spirit or the masculine principle. When these elements are partaken of in sacred ceremony, ingesting them is said to facilitate a unification of all parts of our being.

Have you ever participated in a ceremony of bread and wine?

  • Perhaps you have received communion if you have been to a Christian Church.
  • Perhaps you have celebrated Shabbat if you are from a Jewish background.
  • Or perhaps you have taken part in a Wiccan celebration of the God and Goddess by eating bread and drinking wine?

Whatever your experience, eating bread and wine within a sacred ceremony and helps you to integrate whatever has been separated into a sacred union, where all separations and divisions are accepted, respected and harmonized. The Sacred Marriage is meant to hold, contain and unify what feels estranged, opposed and divided.

The Sacred Marriage happens internally when you are grounded to Mother Earth, open and connected to Divine consciousness and are able to unite the masculine and feminine aspects within your being. This means that you can balance your psyche at will so that it is not subject to the swings of instinct or emotion that used to sway you back and forth.

When the Sacred Marriage is attained within and you can now unite heaven to earth and earth to heaven. This means that you are able to focus the divine perspective onto earth, in the here and now. You are also then able to raise consciousness from the Earth, up to the Divine. As you participate in this two-directional flow between earth and heaven, you are participating in the mystery of the Sacred Marriage.

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