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The Chalice of your Soul

The Chalice of your Soul

This article is part of a small series on the Chalice of your Soul. Let’s do a deeper dive to learn a bit more about the chalice of your soul, which resides within your body – in your heart, chest and throat. If you can continually practice awareness of your chalice in your body, you will begin to connect deeply with your own soul’s energy.

Let’s do some review and take a deeper dive…..

From an archetypal perspective, the archetypes of your soul correspond to the Hero, the Warrior and King. When all three archetypal points of the chalice are developed and coordinated together, they manifest the powerful soul qualities of commitment, conviction and courage –

1) commitment to our truth

2) conviction to fight for our truth,

3) and the courage to take action in order to manifest our truth.

This describes the ignited soulcommitted, full of conviction and courageous.

Soul Triad-3

In order to build a strong soul chalice, you need to combine the leadership of the Hero, the discipline and determination of the Warrior and the fierce compassion of the goodhearted King.

The Hero, who occupies the central position of the chalice, is the part of you that seeks after truth and claims individual authority in life. The Hero commits you to your own path of truth and takes the helm as captain of the great ship of the soul to guide your heart’s true desire.

The Warrior, who occupies the left position, generates the passionate conviction that helps you fight for your truth and generates the discipline needed to focus your will. The Warrior also wields the sword that creates boundaries to protect your truth and defend your heart’s true desire.

The King, who occupies the right position, has the courage to make sacrifices and take positive action to manifest your soul’s dream. The King initiates the heart’s true desire in the world.

Together, these three powerful archetypes create a dynamic team to help you develop a truly individual focus, take full responsibility for yourself and become the true author of your own life. When your chalice is strong, your personal power is well developed and artfully balanced between the heart and the will.

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