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Spiritual Rejuvenation

Spiritual Rejuvenation

Do you want to breathe new vitality into every aspect of your life

This sounds good, but how do we do it? How do we allow the wind of spirit to blow in and renew and rejuvenate our entire life?

Let’s talk first about the nature of spirit and what we can expect when we invite spirit to come in and start blowing through. Because

  • the wind of spirit can breeze in quietly and we feel refreshed


  • the wind of the Spirit can storm in like a tornado, turning our life upside down with change and destroying structures within the psyche that no longer serve your spiritual growth

Hmmm, which kind of wind do we want? Probably the more gentle wind, but sometimes we can’t control this wind of spirit. Sometimes change happens. Sometimes our spiritual nature wants to hurricane through because certain things need to be blown over.

Obviously it’s a lot easier when the wind blows in quietly like a cool breeze, bringing new insights and understanding to your life so that you feel inspired, refreshed and enlightened.

Both the destruction of old ways and the construction of new ways of living are needed for spiritual renewal. So it’s better if you allow this flowing of Spirit to create both death and rebirth in your life so that these transformative cycles can clear out the internal clutter and make room for spiritual growth.

An important part of spiritual rejuvenation is to value both expressions of Spirit and not favor one over the other. When you learn to value and encourage both expressions of Spirit, you can invite the ecstatic, chaotic wind to flow in and stir things up, and then you welcome the focused, clarifying wind to breeze in and stabilize your spiritual life. This creates true spiritual renewal.

Another benefit of rejuvenating your Spirit is liberation.

Rejuvenating your Spirit unbinds you, releasing those parts of you that are enslaved. Your fears and anxieties lose their power to tie you down. As you truly surrender to this creative influx, you synchronize your Spirit to the dancing universe, the cosmic flow. Life blooms and flowers and becomes inspired and alive.

Be courageous and invite the wind of the spirit to blow through your life and fee the renewing effects of the mighty wind of spirit.

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