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Sacred Travel 2012 – Damanhur and Crete

I’ve recently returned from my summer travels in Damanhur, Italy and Crete, Greece. I have 3 photo albums I’d love to share with you from my spiritual adventures.


There’s nothing like getting away from home and your normal daily routines to shake up any stuck places in your life. Especially if you come to Damanhur, a spiritual community in the Italian alps. My experience over the 7 years I’ve been traveling there, is that whatever intentions you set seem to manifest very quickly upon returning home.

Here are some of the intentions that my participants have declared:

  • I want to open my intuition.
  • I want to create better relationships.
  • I want to feel content with my life.
  • I want to open up to my spiritual guides.

Well I can tell you that these desires do come true quickly.

WHY? Because in Damanhur we do activities every day that encourage rapid spiritual awakening!

We walk the stone labyrinths to focus our intention, we visit the underground Temples which facilitate deep healing, we receive treatments from Damanhur healers, we use sacred art to focus the mind and heart to create the changes we want.

View Sacred Travel Photo Albums


And then there’s Crete. That magical, beautiful jewel in the midst of the Mediterranean. Sun, hiking, kayaking, swimming through sea caves, ancient Temples, fresh mountain springs, pine trees, the smell of sage…..

What I love about Crete is how quickly you can relax, let go and play, play, play. We forget how to play in our very serious, stressful lives. But in Crete, you can kick off your shoes, float in the sea, meditate in a cave, try Greek dancing and eat fabulous, healthy food.

Of course there is also a powerful ancient spiritual tradition that I teach to the women who join me on this trip! It is an ancient teaching that reminds us to connect with nature, feel embodied, be empowered and trust our spiritual knowing.

It’s not about DOING but about remembering who we ARE. It’s about being ourselves and returning to our deep self.

So please check out the photo albums and remember to relax, play, enjoy and awaken to your beautiful, deep self!

View Sacred Travel Photo Albums

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