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Recent Trip to Thailand

Hi everyone, Megan here.

I’ve just returned from a spiritual pilgrimage to northern Thailand with a group of like-minded companions from all over the world. We gathered in the spectacular setting of Chiang Dao, in the northern mountains of Thailand surrounded by beautiful, mystical Temples, monasteries and golden Buddhas.

We gathered to have fun, visit Temples, meditate, share healing techniques, hang out and talk deeply. In these pictures, you can see that we had a lot of fun together sharing deeply and playing with my sacred robes.
Sometimes it’s easier to hang out and talk deeply when you’re away from home in an exotic location. However, it reminded me to do a lot more hanging out and talking deeply when I’m right here at home! When I’m relaxed and hanging with my soul friends, I feel better. I share what’s meaningful. I feel excited about my life and motivated to be my BEST SELF!

As we approach the important dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12, think about how you want to shift and move forward into 2013.

So take some time and hang out with friends and loved ones and share deeply this holiday season!


Psssst!!!!! I’ll be sending out a free meditation on 12/12/12 to help you shift into your most evolved, radiant self. It’s called “Activating your Light Grid”. Look for this free gift on 12/12/12……….

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