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Radical Healing

Radical Healing

Within your very being dwells an Inner Healer who is a powerful force within your psyche. When you call up your Healer, you call forth the part of you responsible for integrating your body, mind and spirit together into a unified whole. Your Healer wants nothing less that radical healing in your life. This is a pretty tall order!

In the language of the Tree of Life, your Healer aligns the roots, trunk and branches of your Tree into a living and thriving system that brings profound inner stability, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Your inner Healer acknowledges the Divine within you, activating feelings of deep inner peace, well-being and unconditional acceptance of self and others. The Healer sees your life as perfectly whole and holy and helps you to burn away anything that keeps you from experiencing yourself as whole and complete. This is radical healing.

Activating the Healer archetype gives you the mirroring that you need at the deepest level of your being. When you receive deep acknowledgement for your spiritual and divine natures, you begin to hear internal voices saying things like:

  • You are beautiful the way you are.
  • You are exactly the way you are supposed to be.
  • You are unconditionally loved.
  • All is well.

From the Divine perspective, all is well and each circumstance, person and relationship is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

When you awaken your inner healer, you awaken the divine fire within you that carries the unifying energy of the universe. Once awakened, it works to unify all aspects of your physical, psychological and spiritual being. There is a coming together, a drawing together, of all the lost and alienated parts of yourself.

When you thirst for radical healing, you activate the Healer within you to retrieve all fragmented parts and states of mind that have kept you scattered and unable to heal.

Radical healing requires surrendering to your own inner fire, which has the power to awaken your divine consciousness and burn away everything preventing you from experiencing yourself as whole. The Healer sees your life as perfectly whole and holy.

  • What would it be like to see yourself as whole and holy, right and acceptable, perfect and integrated?
  • What would it be like to walk around today experiencing your life from the Divine’s perspective, as if all is well and as it should be?

Call in radical healing for yourself today and see what happens…

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