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Sacred Robes

Sacred Robes Thailand

Sacred Robes Thailand

Megan Wagner designs and creates these hand-painted silk robes for meditation, ceremony and ritual.

Each Robe is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind. The Sacred Robes make wonderful gifts for important rites of passage such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and significant initiations.

The Robes integrate spiritual wisdom from both East and West and create a synergistic blend of color, archetypal imagery and unique design to awaken and inspire your spirit.

The Sacred Robes are now available as Sacred Scarves, available in 3 exclusive designs.


Sacred Robes Maui


Imagination Robe Kyoto Japan

Imagination Robe Kyoto Japan


Nurturing Robe Istanbul garden

Nurturing Robe Istanbul garden


How are the Robes Created?

Many people want to know how I make the Sacred Initiation Robes. They are made of 100% silk and are handmade for each person.

I begin with a large piece of white silk. Then I trace the life size image onto the silk, stretch it onto a huge stretcher in my studio. Then I go to work outlining the designs with a “gutta” resist – similar to the waxing in Batik making. Then I begin coloring the design with silk paint. After the design is complete, I then paint the entire background black with 2 coats to really saturate the color. The front of the robe is 100% luxurious Chinese silk.


Painting Protection robe

Painting Awareness Robe

Painting the Joy Robe

Painting the Joy Robe

Where do the Designs Come From?

Each of the 33 robes has a unique design and color scheme, which I carefully chose over time with the help of dreams, prayer and meditation. The images on each robe are influenced by my years of personal analysis and dream work, alchemical study, world mythology and extensive traveling investigating cross-cultural expressions of the sacred. Some of the designs came fully formed in dreams. Some designs evolved over time as I was actually drawing the complex blueprint.



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How to Order a Robe

Each Robe is hand painted exclusively for you and takes one month to complete. Each robe is  $1,795, chosen from one of the 33 designs.

To contact me to order a robe please click here:

Sacred robe orders

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