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Palace of Love Free Meditation

Palace of Love Free Meditation

It is the beginning of a new year and I promised I would share with you a free meditation designed to help you open your heart and receive universal love.

What if we had a free access to a source of love that was always available to us?
What if we could open our heart to feel love whenever we needed?

These things are possible when you know where to go to receive nourishment from the source of love. Universal love is all around us and is flowing like a radiant river, towards us and through us at all times and in all ways.

Universal love is always available and yet sometimes we have a hard time accessing it because our hearts our closed, afraid or shut down.

I discovered a creative way to access universal love during a meditation and I am passing it on to you. I hope you enjoy this meditation journey to visit the Palace of Love. It’s a place you can go anytime to access a great source of universal love. You can access the meditation here:

CLICK HERE: Palace of Love Meditation

(right-click link and select ‘save link as’ to download OR click the link to play in your browser)

Please pass this on to all your friends.

We need to release a contagious universal love onto this planet!

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