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Opening your Heart

Opening your Heart

Do you have a hard time opening your heart? Have you had bad experiences that caused you to close your heart down?

The top reasons we close down our heart are:

1) Betrayal

2) Abandonment

3) Broken trust

4) Disappointment

If you have experienced any of these things, you may have constructed a cage around your tender heart. When

Did you know that your heart has amazing intelligence encoded within it? If you allow your heart’s intelligence to come forward and really listen to it, it will tell you how to dismantle the cage around your heart. Your heart does not want to be closed. It actually longs to be FREE.

Sometimes we get into a vicious cycle and continue to do things that keep our heart caged. For example, we keep our heart caged by:

  • closing ourselves off to new love
  • continuing to blame people for past hurts
  • refusing to forgive ourselves for……
  • refusing to forgive others for……
  • being unwilling to let go of anger, rage or disappointment
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The uncaged heart; open to Self and Other

To begin the healing process, you must find some tender ways to dismantle the cage around your heart. Only then can you finally hear the beat of your own heart. This brings a tremendous sense of freedom; for now you can finally follow your heart’s true desire and choose a life that is in sync with your deepest values and dreams.

When the cage is dismantled, you also have more access to the powerful emotions of the heart – love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy and desire.

Not only can you follow the beat of your own heart, but you can also live your life with openheartedness, embracing others and your selves with a contagious sense of freedom.

When your heart is free of cages, defenses, walls, fortresses and debilitating wounds, you feel a tremendous release and a sense of being cleansed.

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