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Tree of Life Light Grid Activation Meditation


To download the audio file hover over the ‘Download’ link, right-click and select ‘save link as.’

Meditation by Megan Wagner

Sacred Music by Anne Malone   (link to – http://www.bluemuse.co.uk)

Buy Anne’s “Chanting Om” music here  (link to – http://www.innersplendor.com)

Light Grid Activation

This meditation activates your Inner Temple or Light Grid, a powerful network of energy imprinted in your body at birth.

As you light up your grid, you activate your natural spiritual powers such as courage, joy, compassion, truth, creativity, wisdom and more.

Why is this Light Grid Activation so important?

Because it helps you SHIFT  INTO  YOUR  MOST  EVOLVED  SELF and be the radiant being you were created to be!  I want to help you get there – so I am passing on the blessing that was given to me.

I “downloaded” this meditation over a 30 day period when I was on spiritual retreat in Damanhur, Italy and Crete this summer.

I’m getting amazing results as I light up my energy grid each day.

  • It feels like coming home to my deepest self.
  • I’m building powerful internal support to relax into my true self.
  • I feel rejuvenated in body, heart and spirit.

Please send the link to this page to all your friends as I want this meditation to reach as many people as possible.

Thanks and many blessings to you all,


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