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Leap out of your Comfort Zone

Leap out of your Comfort Zone

Imagine living your entire life completely within your “village”, within the root system of your Tree of Life. What would it be like to never actively develop the trunk of your Tree and to live totally within the expectations of your family and culture?

When your identity is defined solely within the group norms and expectations, it is difficult to even think your own thoughts or feel your own feelings.

When you are young, it is virtually impossible to leave the village because you need the community to hold you during important developmental stages. But there comes a time when it is appropriate to leave the village, to separate emotionally, to think your  own thoughts and find your  own voice.

There comes a time when you have to leap out of your comfort zone, and take a risk, leave home and see what happens!

If you have the courage to do this, you find that you have a deeper identity hidden away inside you that can only be revealed if you leave the village and jump over the cliff.

What is your true identity? Deep inside you there lies another hidden identity that marks you from birth. You have a divine origin, a destiny that is special and unique.

Finding and securing your individual identity requires leaving the village and the comfort and safety that it provides.

Living as an individual apart from the tribe, requires you to embrace a paradox: the paradox of living with more freedom through increased responsibility. It requires maturity and individual responsibility to establish your own identity and to live with honesty, integrity and eventually, your own voice of authority. It means claiming your own power.

When you jump over the cliff and leave the old familiar ways behind, you begin to ask one of the most important questions of your life:

 “Who am I and what am I supposed to be doing with my life?”

When you seriously ask yourself this question, you begin to clarify, sharpen and refine who yoiu REALLY are. You separate from your  village attachments and expectations and experience freedom from this tribal pull. You awaken your  true self out of its “village slumber”, walk to the edge of the village and prepare to follow an altogether different path, one that leads towards your  individuation.

Take the leap and enjoy new freedom!

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