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Tree of Life for Healing

The Tree of Life is used as a symbol to represent the human being. The roots, trunk and branches correspond to our body, soul and spirit. This map of consciousness teaches us how to heal and stabilize all three systems of the Tree so that our energy is flowing, vibrant and healthy.

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Roots, Trunk and Branches

The initiation process requires us to attend equally to all three systems of the Tree of Life through grounding our roots, strengthening our trunk and reaching out our branches for healing and wholeness.

Tree of Life RootsThe roots represent the body with its physical and instinctual needs that must be honored and nurtured. They also represent the family matrix that undergirds and feeds your Tree from an underground source. Healthy roots stabilize the entire tree, building a platform for a healthy trunk and branches.

As you root your inner tree, it is important to clear out the negative vibrational energy of the subconscious mind, heal trauma states, let go of negative thoughts and shift out of ego consciousness.

Tree of Life TrunkThe trunk represents the individual that arises out of the complex root system.  It symbolizes the individual heart and our need to express our individual truth and passion. With a strong individual focus, this sturdy trunk can become an effective vessel for spirit, holding the weight of the branches as they fan out to a wider vision of life.

As you grow your trunk, it is important to affirm your self-worth, clear out any self-doubt and invite prosperity and abundance to come to you on all levels of being. As you send out positive, life-affirming thoughts, you broadcast a frequency that attracts success and abundance into your life. As you build a strong trunk, you are utilizing your gifts and discovering your life purpose.

Tree of Life BranchesThe branches of the Tree represent your wise, spiritual self and your yearning to branch out and connect with the Divine source and with all of life. Your branches can only flourish if they are supported by healthy roots and trunk.

To develop your branches, it is important to have some spiritual practices, such as meditation or devotional chanting, that help your spirit to awaken fully and experience deep connection to God, Source, the Divine. This can occur in many ways, depending on the particular spiritual path you choose. The Tree of Life model leaves this open to each individual to choose a path that will facilitate mystical union. Some choose a contemplative path, others a devotional one, others still, a body centered path.

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When you attend to your roots, trunk and branches / body, soul and spirit you access your PASSION, HEART and PURPOSE!

Roots: When you attend to your roots, you reclaim your vital energy and access your passion.

Trunk: When you build the trunk, you connect with your true heart’s desire and live and love with an open heart.

Branches: When you attend to your branches, you awaken to your purpose and begin manifesting your vision into the wider world.

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