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Initiation Myths (Audio)

These audio downloads of modern and ancient myths, all feature live drumming and storytelling with Dr. Megan Wagner.

There’s nothing quite like story time, when you can curl up at home or next to a campfire and hear your favorite story. Stories allow us to use our imagination to  travel to faraway lands and exotic places. We follow our hero or heroine’s journey and learn lessons about life, death, courage, envy, hatred and redemption. The drumming which accompanies the stories helps to alter your brain waves so you can relax and have better access to your imagination.

The Timeless Myths are classic stories retold by Dr. Wagner.

Timeless Myths Collection: Entire set of 8 Audio Stories         $49.95

1. The Story of Ariadne: High Priestess of Crete
2. Copper Woman and the Old Magic
3. The Story of Snow White
4. The Demon in the Tree
5. The Woman Who Honored the Bones
6. The Myth of Persephone
7. The Myth of King Minos and Theseus
8. The Myth of Dionysus

Timeless Myths Descriptions

1. The Story of Ariadne – High Priestess of CreteStory-of-Adriane-High-Pries

The Story of Ariadne was written by Megan Wagner and is based on the ancient myth of the High Priestess of Crete. Journey with Ariadne to the ancient land of Crete, where women trained in the ways of the Goddess and were initiated into the Snake Priestess tradition, which honored women’s ways of emotional and spiritual knowing. Meet the amazing Ariadne as she grows and is initiated as the High Priestess of Crete.

Join her adventure as she receives her priestess tools, learns the secrets of the labyrinth, works with the serpent power of the day and night and masters her visionary powers in the dark cave. Discover the secret meaning of the Snake Priestess chant, “Feel Embodied, Be Empowered, Trust your Spiritual Knowing.”


2. Copper Woman and the Old MagicCopper Woman

Copper Woman is a Northwest Native American story about how we, as women, forget who we are, where we come from and what we are supposed to be doing.  As a child, Copper Woman is abandoned and only a flicker of the Old Magic barely survives in the soul of a young, inexperienced, uninitiated lonely girl child.

For us as women today, this story suggests the immensity of the loss we have all sustained – a collective loss of the sisterhood and our connection to Sacred Feminine Wisdom. But Copper Woman finally meets the Elders who awaken the feminine mystery that lies deep within her being. This story helps us reconnect to the Sisterhood and be part of the great circle of women, included in the community of feminine power, feminine awareness, and feminine knowledge.


3. The Story of Snow WhiteSnow White

The Story of Snow White is a powerful Initiation story for women. It tells the tale of a young maiden whose innocence and beauty insight the envy of the Mother, who aims to kill Snow White rather than nurture her with motherly love and affection. Follow Snow White’s story as she battles with the envious Dark Mother, falls under her spell and is redeemed by the hero-Prince who helps her transform the Dark Mother energy so that she can thrive with new life.



4. The Demon in the TreeDemon in the Tree

The Demon in the Tree is an intriguing Jewish story about the nature of curses, where they originate and how to work creatively with them. When you look at your family tree you can see the kinds of blessings and curses that are passed down through the generations to you. Ancestral blessings give us confidence and strength and the skills we need to move forward in our initiation.

Curses hold us back, making development slow and initiation difficult. Curses take hold of us where the psyche has been wounded in some way. This story shows us how to dance creatively with our wounds and how to transform the curses that distort and block the precious energy we need for our emotional and spiritual development.


5. The Woman Who Honored the BonesWoman Who Honored the Bones

As we gather the bones of our ancestors, we open the Pandora’s box of our lineage, which brings into relief both the blessings and curses of our ancestral line. In order to connect with our ancestors, sometimes we have to delve into the collective pool of memory to recover what is lost.

The Woman Who Honored the Bones is a tale of a courageous woman who gathers the bones and survives. She taps into a deep ocean of unexpressed grief and feelings that have remained unconscious for generations. But grieving has a purpose – it has a powerful, healing effect on those of us in the present and those who have gone before. Grieving is a powerful healing tool and can, in some cases, release the most tenacious and treacherous negative patterns. Journey with this brave woman who finds a way to honor what she has lost.


6. The Myth of PersephonePersephone story

The Myth of Persephone takes us deep into the instinctive ground of our being. As we follow her heroic journey, we are reminded of both the horror of being abducted and knocked off our instinctive rhythm and the beauty of recovering our instinctive power.

Persephone’s journey is long and painful, but as she moves through the entire life-death-rebirth wheel, she gains valuable experience of each phase of the cycle.

In the end, she becomes Queen of the Underworld – embodied, fruitful, powerfully instinctive and able to hold her own ground of being. Open your heart and your spirit as we travel with Persephone through her amazing story of initiation.


7. The Myth of King Minos and TheseusKing Minos and Theseus

The Myth of King Minos and Theseus is a powerful story of kingship and the importance of the integrity and generosity of the King. The King represents our inner self, our inner soul, and we must ensure that our King is ruling our inner kingdom with compassion and honor. In order to understand the makings of a good ruler, it is sometimes helpful to look at stories about a bad ruler. King Minos is an ancient myth from the

Mediterranean about a corrupted ruler on the throne and the hero, Theseus, who overthrows the old King and redeems the Kingdom. This is also a story about individuation and the making of a true soul, helping us rule our soul kingdom with a strong will and compassionate heart.


8. The Myth of DionysusMyth of Dionysus

The Myth of Dionysus is a story about the amazing renewing force of Spirit. The seeds of the Spirit are ever abundant and ever available, but for life to grow and for those possibilities to become real, the seed must be fertilized. When we open ourselves to be fertilized by one of these spiritual seeds, we open ourselves to be infused by the primal life force.

When this happens, our life can be transformed in wondrous and unexpected ways. So it is with Dionysus, the god of the unpredictable life force, who renews life by pulling us into experiences of death and rebirth. Come on the journey with Dionysus, who shows us the wild fertility of Spirit and also warns us of the consequences if we refuse to surrender to the great renewing force of Spirit.

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