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How to release negative emotions and patterns

How to release negative emotions and patterns

Isn’t this a wild picture? I was looking for an image to show what it feels like to release negativity from your body. Of course it was meant to show more of an enlightened state but it also looks like this meditator is expelling toxins out of his system!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could expel all toxins from our body? And what if we could expel all emotional toxins from our emotional body? I don’t know about you, but I want to release any and all negative emotions or negative patterns I carry within me.

Why do we carry negativity within our system?

  • Trauma – When we experience trauma it lodges itself in our cells, so that the past remains within us even though the trauma is no longer happening in the present.
  • External environment – If we are in a daily environment that has negative frequencies, we will soak in this negativity by osmosis.
  • Internal voices – When we give air time to a negative internal voice, we allow that particular toxin to remain within our emotional system.

Do you want to carry negativity in your system? Of course you don’t. But sometimes this negativity is unconscious and you don’t even recognize it’s there. Sometimes it’s is so ingrained in a neural superhighway in your brain and nervous system, you don’t even notice it! You may go round and round the same old neural pathway, coming back to the negative thought or feeling and picking at the wound.

Negativity is a frequency that can profoundly affect your health. Negative frequencies, created by our negative attitudes or the negativity of others, deteriorate your physical and emotional health. A negative frequency interferes with your true frequency, which is a positive, loving, creative frequency. No matter who you are, being positive, loving and creative is your true human frequency. I call it your GOLD frequency.

The Alchemists show us that we can transmute any negativity into our GOLD. We can transmute trauma energy. We can transmute toxins from our environment. We can transmute negative internal voices.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is through your POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Every day this week experiment with creating an intentional, positive attitude about everything going on in your life. Each positive thought is laying down a new neural pathway. Having a positive attitude creates a powerful shift, an alchemical transmutation within your body and soul.

Here are some affirmations to get you started…..

  • I want to be free of negativity
  • I desire my body to be free of trauma
  • I am ready to release any emotional pain I cling to
  • I allow myself to think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings

You can even imagine expelling toxins out of your system like the meditator in the picture. You could breathe in health and breathe out the toxins. Repeating this over and over can be an effective tool to release negative emotions and negative patterns from your system.

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