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Guided Meditation Programs

Guided Meditation is a powerful spiritual practice that helps you transform your life and accelerate your spiritual evolution.

We offer the following 6 guided meditation programs. Click here for a sample.

You may purchase each separately through the paypal links and they will be sent to you. Click a link or scroll for more details:

Tree of Life Chakra Activation Program (9 Meditations)

This meditation program will guide you to activate the Tree of Life power points in the body and energize the 7 Chakras. You will receive the following guided meditations:

1. Tree of Life Chakra Activation: “Energizes the body, balances emotions and calms the mind.”

The following 2 meditations will activate the Tree of Life Power Points on your body, which includes the Chakra centers of consciousness. In both meditations, you will open all the Power Points as you snake up and down the body in what is called the Lightning Flash – an ancient way of moving energy through the body to activate the template of the Tree of Life imprinted in your body at birth.

The Tree of Life Chakra Activation energizes the body, balances emotions and calms the mind. Daily practice can produce amazing results for your body, heart and spirit. The first meditation opens up the flow of energy going up and down the Lightning Flash.  The second meditation is longer as the Chakra centers and the Hebrew names of the Kabbalistic Sephirot will be named as well as the English translations.

2. Tree of Life – Awaken the Roots, Trunk and Branches of Your Inner Tree

Through 7 powerful meditations, you will activate the 7 Stages of Initiation to nurture your inner Tree of Life – vitalizing your roots, trunk and branches and energizing your body, soul and spirit. Each stage activates the healing quality needed to balance and align your Inner Tree.

  • Stage 1 – Rooting your Tree in the good soil
  • Stage 2 – Rooting your Tree in the instinctive soil
  • Stage 3 – Rooting your Tree in the ancestral soil
  • Stage 4 – Growing the trunk of your Tree
  • Stage 5 – Strengthening the trunk of your Tree
  • Stage 6 – Growing the branches of your Tree
  • Stage 7 – Bringing forth fruit

3. The Tree of Life in the Sacred Garden

Journey to a lush, verdant jungle garden to experience the beautiful Sacred Tree of Life. Journey into the underground roots to receive healing medicine from the jungle plants. Feel the powerful trunk and receive healing for your soul. Climb into the branches and receive a healing vision from Spirit.

Program cost: $27.00

Spiritual Guidance Program (6 Meditations)

1. Awaken your Spirit Body

Learn a powerful spiritual breathing technique to awaken your spirit body. Take a journey with your guide to your spiritual home and receive practical instruction on spiritual practices that will enhance your spiritual development.

2. Visit Your Spiritual Temple

Using powerful ancient imagery, you will journey to your Inner Spiritual Temple to prepare your body, mind and spirit to enter deep into the heart of the Temple. Here you receive guidance and a deep mystical connection with the Divine.

3. Journey for Guidance from Spirit

Take a Shamanic journey and catch a glimpse of what you will be doing in your future, who you are to become and the steps you need to take to get there. You will be helped by your animal guide, drummers, healers, warriors and your great grandmother and grandfather ancestor.

4. Meet the Gatekeeper

What spiritual transformation do you seek? Meet the Gatekeeper at the spiritual threshold, who asks you to let go of any excess baggage you carry so you can cross the threshold and open fully to Spirit. Let go, surrender, shed all the old skins and meet your transformed self at the end of the journey!

5. Attract and Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

Journey to your Inner Spiritual Temple and learn to attract and manifest your heart’s true desires. You will imagine what you want to attract into your life, set your intention and check in with your Higher Self to make sure you are in alignment with your soul’s higher purpose. Get clarity, get results!

6. Meet the Ancestors Around the Fire

Take a shamanic journey to a forest with a crackling fire and meet your ancestors, who will bless you with gifts from their clans. Gain insight into your family history and make peace with any negative energy tumbling down the generations. Be inspired by your ancestors!

Program cost: $27.00

Heart & Soul Program (6 Meditations)

1. Contact Your Deepest Soul

Journey to a sacred stream and submerge yourself in the healing waters. Feel the depth of your own soul and learn to relax deeply into your own soul’s energy. Let go of anxiety, cares and worries and feel cleansed. Then journey to your own private sanctuary and receive healing to all parts of your being.

2. Heart Opening  (Physical, Emotional & Mental)

Expand the boundaries of your heart! Experience your deep connection to nature, animals, humans, and the wonders of the planets, stars and galaxies.  Receive a powerful initiation to open your spiritual heart. Feel any blocks around your spiritual heart melt away and dissolve.

3. Visit Your Soul Kingdom

Visit your inner Soul Kingdom and observe how things are run behind the scenes. Is your Kingdom flourishing? Is it protected? Meet the true ruler of your inner Kingdom and take your rightful place on the throne. Receive specific answers to the most important soul issue facing you at the moment.

4. The Chalice of Your Soul

Envision the chalice of your soul and feel your soul’s strength and power. Allow the wondrous qualities of your soul to bubble up inside your chalice – qualities of  love, compassion, integrity and commitment to your true self.

5. Free Your True Self

Find your true self by leaving your everyday village and experiencing yourself away from everyone’s expectations and demands. Encounter your wild spirit who will teach you something about your free, adventurous self.

6. Discover Your Soul’s Purpose & Life Lessons

With the help of your spiritual guide, discover your soul’s purpose and the life lessons you need to learn this life.  Gain clarity of the challenges needed to be faced and your main life task. See how you can fulfill your soul’s greater purpose and how you can help Spirit manifest at this time in history.

Program cost: $27.00

Grounding & Embodiment Program (5 Meditations)

1. Embody Your Instinctive Power

When you experience wounds to your tender self, you can lose connection with your instincts, your power, your natural rhythms. Call back your power and feel the life blood return to you, feel the vibrancy of your being and become grounded in your body once again.

2. Tree of Life and Four Elements

Explore the body’s miraculous design as you connect deeply with the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire. Discover the element you feel most and least comfortable with and get grounded!

3. Journey of Incarnation

Return to the place before you were born to discover your life’s purpose and receive instructions on how to fulfill your life task. Experience the miracle of your birth and see yourself carrying the flame of your life task in your heart.

4. Flow with the Cycles of Life

Explore the natural cycles of life-death-rebirth within nature and within your own physical body and emotional self. Travel through the seasonal, planetary, cosmic cycles and contact the Divine Source behind all Creation

5. Anima Mundi: Connect with the Living Earth

Connect with the dynamic spirit of the living Earth and experience your profound connection with Earth’s vitality and beauty. Rise above the Earth, view it from outer space and see the Earth as a great living being.

Program cost: $27.00

Healing Program (5 Meditations)

1. Activate your inner Healer

Meet your inner healer who activates feelings of deep inner peace, well-being and unconditional self-acceptance. See your life from the Divine’s perspective and learn powerful affirmations to experience yourself as whole and complete.xxx

2. Take Responsibility, Heal Wounds & Release Blame

Gather with your circle of spiritual guides to look at why you chose important people and events for your soul’s maximum development. Take responsibility for your choices, heal any wounds from your important relationships and release blame so that your soul can be free, cleansed and centered.

3. Heal Body, Ego, Soul & Spirit

Receive powerful instruction to release any blocks, any pain, fear or wounds that you carry in your Body, Ego, Soul and Spirit. Learn breathing techniques and visualizations to release negative emotions and breathe in health, revitalizing your deepest self.

4. Held in the Arms of the Great Mother

Invite the loving arms of the Great Mother to surround you in unconditional love. She will comfort you, take away your burdens and hold you with profound affection,  safety and care. This can be a powerful daily practice to strengthen your relationship to the Great Mother.

5. Activate your Personal Merkabah of Protection and Healing

Create your own personal Merkabah, a sacred chariot that helps you travel safely in every dimension of life – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Protect yourself from stress and harmful energy and experience your powerful sacred container for healing.

Program cost: $27.00

Kabbalah Program (3 Meditations)

No prior experience of Kabbalah is required. You will be gently guided through the meditations by Dr. Megan Wagner.

1. Connect with the Divine Fire and the Names of God

Connect with the great river of crystalline light that flows throughout the universe, bringing light and life to all beings. Activate your Divine Tree of Life with the Hebrew Names of God. Each Holy Name resonates with a Power Point on your body, connects you to the Divine Source and brings inner peace and harmony.

2. Kabbalistic History and Mystical Knowledge

Follow the history of Mystery Schools through the ages. Learn how mystical knowledge is passed down from Moses to Solomon to Jesus, through the Mystery Schools in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment and up through the 21st Century. Feel part of a Mystery School working to bring healing, restoration and balance to the planet.

3. Journey Through the Triads of Life

The sacred geometry of the Tree includes many triads, which are like rooms in our inner house. Explore the health of your thoughts, feelings, actions, instincts, your animal nature, your heart and will, your spiritual self and your beliefs. Give yourself a tune-up and connect up with the Divine Source to re-energize your whole self.

Program Cost: $17.00

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