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Grounding Meditation Offer

Grounding Meditation Offer

 Special Offer  – $9

1. Embody Your Instinctive Power

When you experience wounds to your tender self, you can lose connection with your instincts, your power, your natural rhythms. Call back your power and feel the life blood return to you, feel the vibrancy of your being and become grounded in your body once again.

2. Tree of Life and Four Elements

Explore the body’s miraculous design as you connect deeply with the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire. Discover the element you feel most and least comfortable with and get grounded!

3. Journey of Incarnation

Return to the place before you were born to discover your life’s purpose and receive instructions on how to fulfill your life task. Experience the miracle of your birth and see yourself carrying the flame of your life task in your heart.

4. Flow with the Cycles of Life

Explore the natural cycles of life-death-rebirth within nature and within your own physical body and emotional self. Travel through the seasonal, planetary, cosmic cycles and contact the Divine Source behind all Creation.

5. Anima Mundi: Connect with the Living Earth

Connect with the dynamic spirit of the living Earth and experience your profound connection with Earth’s vitality and beauty. Rise above the Earth, view it from outer space and see the Earth as a great living being.

Whole Program – $9

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