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Grand Adventure in London

Grand Adventure in London

Are you living life as a Grand Adventure?In each moment we all can chose a life that breaks out of routines. There are many ways we can consciously chose to bring fun into each moment.When we do this it energizes our life and allows spontaneity to arise.I am now traveling around the world with a small group of people exploring what it means to live life as a Grand Adventure.

There have been days when we had no place to live and we miraculously pulled together and found housing for 8 people. There have been times when we needed to change our agenda to accommodate the moment and new possibilities arose that we had not seen before.

I’m learning how often I close myself to possibilities because I am thinking and feeling in my old, familiar ways. This limits all the fun I can have when I am open to meeting new people, having new experiences and traveling into the unknown.

In our Grand Adventure in London, we hopped into a canal boat on the Camden Lock and had a lot of fun drumming and laughing with our gondolier and all the people on the side of the canal. When we landed back at the dock, other adventurers who wanted to play with us volunteered to wear my robes in a photo shoot on the bridge over the canal.

I am seeing that when I live my life in fun and play-full-ness, it attracts others who are ready to play. We create instant community and new life is born again and again.

That’s all from London.


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