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Get Grounded!

Get Grounded!

A lot of people on the spiritual path are failing to thrive because they are not efficient in their use of energy. The #1 cause of failure on the spiritual path is being ungrounded. When you are not grounded in your body or living in the present, you are wasting tremendous amounts of energy and your entire Tree of Life will fail to thrive!

This is precisely why you begin the inner journey by getting grounded. So many good people have good ideas and talents and yet never bring these ideas and dreams into real life. You know how lightning needs a grounding rod to actually ground the electrical current? It’s the same with humans. You may have a lot of energy and ideas swirling around but they will never come to fruition if you are not grounded.

How do you begin grounding your Tree of Life? You must become like a loving gardener, finding the best soil and digging in so your roots are firmly planted and secure.

And so you begin the Initiation Journey with GETTING GROUNDED, so you can be present in your body, set your intentions and commit to your own path. When you’re grounded and not wasting energy, you’ll be more productive in your life and you’ll have a huge reserve of vital energy to focus toward your Passion, Heart and Purpose.

When you ground and root into your natural habitat of earth, and come to regard both creation and your physical body as sacred, your roots grow strong and sturdy, providing a platform for your trunk and eventually large branches and fruit. If you feel disconnected from nature and your body, your roots will not be strong and your Tree will eventually collapse. This has dire consequences for the health and well-being of your Tree, and for this reason you begin the initiation path working diligently on the root system.

When we teach the Tree of Life model with its roots, trunk and branches, and ask people to identify where they need healing, most people quickly identify problems with the root system. They feel disconnected from their body and feel physically drained and stressed. They feel disconnected from their families and isolated in their relationships. They feel overwhelmed with the busy-ness of life. They feel disconnected to their real feelings. Overall, people do not have positive relationships with their body and suffer from all sorts of body image problems. They do not feel grounded or contained.

The result is that many people with good minds and hearts and wonderful ideas and talents fail to bring their many gifts to birth. When the roots are damaged, when there has been some trauma to the parental, family or communal environment early in life, then often our Tree of Life fails to thrive, fails to grow to full capacity, and fails to bring forth abundant fruit.

As you get grounded and put your roots into nourishing soil you will feel:

  • Ÿ Grounded
  • Ÿ Embodied
  • Ÿ Alive to body and sensuality
  • Ÿ Secure and contained
  • Ÿ Connected to nature and the earth
  • Ÿ Present in the here and now
  • Ÿ Able to manifest ideas and projects in real life
  • Ÿ Able to focus and follow through
  • Solid, dependable and reliable

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