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Flowing and Playing with your Instincts

Flowing and Playing with your Instincts

Flowing and playing and being instinctive is crucial for your spiritual evolution. It keeps your juices flowing and your passions on fire.

I once worked with a woman who had raised her family and now her kids were in college. She confessed to me that she had never really played with her kids. She never got down on the floor to goof around with them. She never got messy with them. She felt really sad that she had missed out on playing, being child-like, goofing around and having fun. She had lost her ability to be instinctive, to follow her natural child-like curiosity and exploration.

When we repress our instincts we:

  • can’t play
  • feel shame
  • forget what we want and need
  • become too rational
  • stop exploring and being curious

It’s really important on the spiritual path to call back your instinctive power. This brings juiciness back into your life.

When you trust your instincts and trust your inner child you can easily flow and play with life.

Trusting your instincts connects you to a deep underground well of intuitive wisdom, the wisdom that comes directly from your inner child. Your instincts are your natural attractions and repulsions, your inherent draw towards people and things that satisfy your basic physical, sensual and emotional needs.

When you nourish your instincts, you feel replenished, you can enjoy play, explore your creativity and nurture yourself like a good mother.

Many people feel disconnected from instinctual life, out of sync with their body cycles, and have little knowledge of how to care for themselves in basic physical ways. Some are out of sync with their emotional cycles, with no road map to survive grief, rage or loneliness.

Not only have we lost connection to our most basic needs and rhythms, but we are also disconnected from the animal and plant life of the land, which preserves the instinctual mysteries of life. Our senses have numbed and our instincts have gone to sleep. It is imperative that we reawaken the ancient instinctual memories buried deep within us.

By exploring your impulses, attractions, repulsions and instinctive urges for survival, attachment and sexuality, you can call back your instinctive power. You no longer have to spend enormous energy repressing your instinctual life. When instinctive energy is retrieved from the unconscious, you can feel a tremendous amount of vitality return to your waking life; the juice will begin to flow and your blood will feel hot coursing through your veins once again.

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