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Flow with the Cycles of Change

Flow with the Cycles of Change

If you want to be able to Flow and Play in life, you need to learn to flow with the instinctive cycles of life. Instinctive life is fundamentally connected to the great cycles of nature following the archetypal pattern of life, death and rebirth.

All cycles of regeneration are modeled on the great life-death-rebirth wheel. The great wheel of regeneration always moves through the cycle of birth, then growth, flowering, decay, death and rebirth.

The picture above shows a Tree going through the entire seasonal cycle, the great wheel of change. Most people don’t know the secret about the last phase of the cycle, the death phase.

Most of us shy away from the death phase because the death phase has a terrible reputation. We are conditioned to think of it as the final stage. But it is NOT! The secret to the death phase is that it leads you to the reward that comes after it – the phase of regeneration and new life!

Without initiation into the great cycles of regeneration, you can easily get stuck around the wheel and not experience the great release and development that occur at the end of each cycle.

Regeneration can only occur if there is death of some kind. In the natural world, for example, the death of a tree means food for the insects and fertilization for future generations of trees and plants. In the human world, periodic psychological death to outmoded ideas or emotional patterns ensures regeneration for the psyche as a whole.

If you can survive the death phase of the cycle, you will experience a surge of renewing life force. This means that you can look forward to relief, restoration, reunion, reparation and regeneration. Hopefully with each turn of the cycle, you gain more and more consciousness, so that the cycles become like spirals, facilitating renewal and helping you to expand consciousness and develop internally.

Knowing how to flow around the entire cycle ensures that new life and growth are infused after each turn of the cycle so that life continues to move and does not get stuck. Humans have a tendency to get stuck because of fear, resistance or sentimentality. You want to hold on to things because of your desire for permanence. You must tune into your instinctual body and learn to flow with the great river of life and not against it. If you fail to grasp that life always flows in cycles, you inevitably get stuck at some point around the wheel.

Keep flowing around the great wheel of change and experience the thrill of regeneration, renewal and new life.

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