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Crete – Into the Heart of the Goddess


Join us for our women’s trip to Crete

June 19 – July 2, 2014:

  • Discover the Feminine Mysteries of Crete
  • Reconnect with your deep feminine nature
  • Relax in a beautiful and dramatic setting

Since 1995, I have been taking women on pilgrimages to Crete, a sacred land rich in feminine history and spirituality, a magical place where the Minoans lived, danced and celebrated the Goddess. Together we will discover the ancient Priestess Path that empowers women to be grounded, balanced and spiritually open. Through the power of

Music, Movement, Storytelling, Labyrinth Walking & Ritual

We will connect to the Goddess and our deep feminine wisdom, amidst a supportive feminine community. We will also visit ancient healing sites, sacred caves, enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and walk in the ancient Cretan landscape.

This trip is for exceptional women, experienced in psychological, spiritual or ritual work, who want to go deeper and live life to the full.

Crete Loutro


  • June 19     Arrive Chania, play, rest, shop, eat!
  • June 20     Chania, play, rest, shop, eat!
  • June 21     Drive to Paleohora, Summer Solstice celebration
  • June 22     Morning session,  Beach, evening ritual
  • June 23     Morning session,  Beach, evening ritual
  • June 24     Morning session,  Beach, evening ritual
  • June 25     Morning session,  Beach, evening ritual
  • June 26      Ferry to Sougia, hike to Lissos, Sacred Temple
  • June 27      Sougia, Lissos by speed boat
  • June 28      Ferry to Loutro, beach, evening session
  • June 29     Morning meditation, Kayak to sea caves, beach, relax
  • June 30     Loutro, relax and enjoy! Sunset boat ride
  • July 1         Transport to Heraklion , Knossos, Museum, Farewell celebration!
  • July 2         Morning meditation, goodbyes, travel day, return home or elsewhere

Led by Rev. Megan Wagner , PhD.  Therapist, Ritual Leader, Artist, Kabbalah Teacher and Author. Megan’s mission is to accompany women on the journey of initiation and empower their full healing – body, soul and spirit.

Price: $3,300.00  Includes: all workshops, B&B shared accommodation in Chania, Metacom Retreat Center, Sougia, Loutro and Heraklion, All taxis and Transfers, car rental for the week, Kayak rentals. Does not include: Airfare, lunches and dinners

Space is limited to 16 women. To reserve a place, send a non-refundable deposit of $300,  $1,500 is due by March 1 and the remaining $1,500 is due by May 1, 2014. (with Pay Pal there is an additional cost)

Crete payments


Empowerment and Transformation for Women

Welcome to an adventure of a lifetime on a Cretan holiday for women only. Since 1995 I have been leading sacred journeys to the stunning island of Crete, located in the eastern Mediterranean. It is a great privilege to return once again to a place so rich in feminine history and spirituality, a magical place where we can embody our feminine nature in a profound and healing way.

In ancient times, Crete was a place of holy initiation rites for women, designed to help women align with their femininity, sexuality and powers of intuition and vision. Archeological and mythological evidence reveal the bountiful gifts flowing from the Goddess tradition of this land, including the 3 powerful Cretan Snake Goddesses, the labyrinth, the labrys or double-headed ax, the myths of King Minos and Theseus, the bull dancers of the Cretan court and the ecstatic dancers of Ariadne, high priestess.

During our 12 days together on Crete, we will explore the Cretan priestess tradition, unveiling the Mysteries of feminine empowerment and transformation. These states of being are intrinsic to the feminine way and honoring them will feel like coming home to our deepest self.

As we embody our deep feminine nature and learn to trust our power and our spiritual depth, we can live our life with clarity, compassion and purpose. During the retreat we will integrate our growing knowledge of the Feminine Mysteries by working with Megan’s story of Ariadne, High Priestess of Crete and playing with her Ariadne sacred robe.


Chania and Metacom Retreat Center

We will begin our trip in beautiful Venetian harbor of Chania, which has fabulous jewelry, leather, waterfront restaurants and Cretan crafts of all kinds. As we drive over the luscious mountains to Paleohora, we will stop at Hagia Sophia, a sacred cave with huge stalagmites and stalactites.

For one one week we will stay at the Metacom Retreat Center, situated in one of the wildest, most undeveloped areas of Southwest Crete. The Center is perched on a mountainside overlooking an ancient olive grove and a valley winding down to the dazzling blue of the Mediterranean. The presence of the goddess energy is powerfully pervasive.

Accommodation is offered in traditional Greek, whitewashed rooms (shared twin) with newly tiled floors. The rooms are simple but spacious, each with its own shower and toilet. All  rooms have south facing balconies overlooking the valley. There is a large kitchen and patio shaded under grapevines, where we eat communally. Next to the patio is a beautiful group room for meditation, yoga and workshops.


The center is surrounded by gardens, olive groves and orchards with orange, lemon, fig, mulberry and lime trees, oleanders, cypresses, jasmine and other fragrant plants. The valley also has a mountain stream, freshwater pools, a local Taverna and small white Greek churches.

Near the retreat center is a holy cave, a place of ancient religious worship and pilgrimage. The large cave reaches deep down into the body of the mountain where we will venture for ritual work and meditation.

Only 2 miles down the dramatic mountain road you will emerge on an open peninsula where the town of Paleohora lies. This is the main town with shops, tavernas, beaches, grocery stores, bakery, Post Office, medical center and banks. Paleohora has 2 delightful beaches with snorkeling and water sports and a pier, where large ferries and small sailing boats offer trips along the South Coast and dolphin spotting.


Sougia (soo-ya), Loutro and Heraklion

After leaving Metacom we will travel by ferry to the secluded coastal town of Sougia, where we will hike to the archeological site of Lissos. Lissos is the site of an ancient Priestess Temple, an Asklepion where the priestesses worked with snakes to heal all who came to the Temple from far and wide.

Then we will ferry even farther east to the town of Loutro, accessible only by boat. Here we will kayak together to the mysterious sea caves and swim through the incredibly clear waters of the south Mediterranean. Then we will head north to the capital city of Heraklion to visit the palace of Knossos, the ancient Minoan Temple which has been partially reconstructed and has been called one of the wonders of the world.

We will visit the Heraklion Archeological Museum with amazing Feminine artifacts. Our trip will end with a celebration at the fabulous rooftop garden restaurant overlooking the Heraklion harbor.

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