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Creating Miracles

Creating Miracles

Many of our articles have talked about the Tree of Life. As you go on your spiritual journey, you put down roots, build a sturdy trunk and branch out to a wider perspective of life. Now let’s look at what happens when your Tree of Life blossoms and bears fruit. When this happens, you feel a sense of completion and wholeness to your Tree. Your fruits grow and you can share your gifts with the world.

Your beautiful gifts are needed in this time of transformational change. As you express your life purpose and share your talents with the world, miracles will happen all around you and you’ll feel a part of the great flow of life.

When your personal Tree of Life comes into alignment you experience healing and inner peace. You feel empowered to fulfill your life task and will be able to bless and initiate fellow seekers, becoming a healing sanctuary for others along the path.

At this stage of the spiritual journey, your crown chakra is activated. This connects you to your divine self and to the divine energy running throughout the universe. Here you can access the source of all life, an eternal source of light and consciousness, feeding your entire being. Without this divine illumination, your Tree would die, just as a physical tree would die without the light and energy from the sun.

In order for a tree to bear fruit, it must have the inner code to do so, it must be a flowering and fruit-bearing tree according to its DNA. It must also have the capacity to fertilize or pollinate in some way, for it takes the intercourse of the “masculine” and “feminine” components to generate flower and fruit.

For your own Tree of Life to be fruitful, you too must awaken the inner code to blossom, flower and produce your fruit. You must grow in your capacity to be fertilized and pollinated by the generative life force accessed during the seventh initiation.

Mystics have many names for this life force: Holy Other, the Beloved, God, the Divine Mother or Ecstatic Love to name a few. Mystics spend much of their lives cultivating divine union and sacred dialogue with this life force.

It is from this union that you can bear your fruit, which then becomes a sacred offering of your gifts to the world.

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