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Connecting with the 4 Elements

Connecting with the 4 Elements

The following is a meditation that you can practice as often as you like. It will increase your appreciation for your body and help you feel more grounded in your beautiful body.

Relax and breathe deeply. Become aware of your body as you sit. Now focus  on the earth element of your body, the density of its matter, the flesh and bones which make up the skeleton. Imagine how the solidity of your body is like the solidity of the earth. Imagine the stones, the dirt, the rock and mountains, the bones of the earth itself.

Now shift your awareness to the element of water inside your body. Follow the flow of blood throughout your arteries and veins. Imagine that the water inside you is like the rivers, the lakes, the seas and the great oceans of the planet.

Now shift your awareness to the element of air in your body. Breathe in the air and let it fill your lungs to capacity. Imagine the oxygen penetrating into your bloodstream and breathing into each cell the breath of life. Your own breath is like the great breathing of the planet, as oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged by the trees and plants in the atmosphere surrounding Earth.

Now shift your awareness to the fire element in your body, the fire of consciousness surging through your whole system. Experience the heat of your body and how your body maintains a warmth of around 98.6 degrees. Become aware now of the fiery aspect of the Earth, the molten core bubbling at the center. Experience your own heat that arises from some core central point inside you.

Become aware of your connection with every living thing on Earth. We are made of the same elements as every other living creature: earth, water, air and fire. Give thanks and gratitude to the Earth, the elements, and the miraculous physical design of your body.

When you have finished, see if you feel more grounded in your body.

Keep practicing!

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