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Connecting with Nature as a Spiritual Practice

Ulruru (Australia) Photo by Justin Otto

As I travel around the world, I’ve noticed that many indigenous cultures train their children in the “Earth Mysteries” so they can connect with  nature and treat nature as deeply sacred.

When these children grow up to be adults, they naturally connect with the Earth as a sacred being that is alive and vibrant and worthy of our deepest care and respect. Connecting to nature is a spiritual practice, it comes easy to them. Can we connect in the same way?

In this post we are going to explore how to connect with nature as a spiritual practice

The Earth is Sacred

In indigenous cultures, the Earth is seen as our sacred birthplace, our holy temple, our sacred ground. It is no surprise that these traditional cultures create people who deeply appreciate the Earth and its bounty and as a result have a relationship to the body that is easy, unashamed and beautifully embodied.

These cultures initiate their children in the “Earth Mysteries” and teach that connecting to nature and the sacred Earth is a spiritual practice.

I was intrigued by this and wanted to be initiated into the Earth Mysteries myself so I could have a positive relationship to my body and to the beautiful Earth!

The Anima Mundi

Doing a bit of research, I learned that Mystics from most traditions agree that matter is far from dead, but is alive as a vibrant field of energy, constantly infused with the divine life force. The Earth herself is a vivacious entity, breathing her great seasonal breaths in and out. She is a living earth, constantly evolving.

Archetypal Psychologists call this living Earth, the Anima Mundi, which means “soul of the world”.

The Earth has a living soul, the Anima Mundi, that is radiating with divine energy, dancing and dynamically alive.

So when you go into the mountains, sit by the seashore or take a walk through a beautiful forest, feel the soul of the world pulsing with vibrant energy. Really connect with this vibrant energy field and feel this pulse in your own body.

Connecting with Nature as a Spiritual Practice

Don’t you always feel better when you connect with nature? I certainly do. I feel calmer and more relaxed. I also feel vibrant and more alive.

Next time you feel out of sorts, walk in nature and let the earth calm and hold you. Nature has a powerful healing effect because it is vibrating with natural divine energy.

Take off your shoes, stand in the waves, feel the dirt beneath your feet, take some deep breaths. Feel the pulse of the Anima Mundi and enjoy your Sacred Earth.

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