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Connect with Your Community

Connect with Your Community

You need support to live your dreams! Instead of doing it all yourself, connect with your community, your tribe of supporters who understand your passion. Your team will support you and vitalize your journey.

Many of our recent blogs have been about nurturing the ROOTS of your Tree of Life. Now we want to speak with you about connecting in a healthy way to your ancestors, so that you experience a deep sense of belonging and support for your life’s journey.

You are part of a vast network of ancestral roots. This is the communal matrix into which you were born. This includes not only your cultural and intellectual inheritance, but also your inherited emotional patterns. These roots reach back to the beginning of your ancestral lineage, back to the land and culture of your foremothers and forefathers.

All our communal root systems vary in flavor and spice, but they are similar in providing each of us with a village, clan, race and cultural milieu that are the ancestral soil for our Tree of Life. Without this connection to our tribal roots, our Tree would wither and die.

Sometimes your ancestral roots are magical and colorful, filled with stories of heroism, triumph over adversity and successful relationships. Sometimes your lineage is filled with tragedy, violence, betrayal, and abandonment. It is probably fair to say that most of us have ancestral roots that contain a mixture of good and bad, magical and tragic. We possess some healthy tribal roots and some roots that are damaged, toxic, rotting or dead.

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The fact is that you cannot escape your ancestral roots. You can weed out the rotting and dead ones and replant your roots in a more nutrient-rich soil, but you cannot get away from your tribal inheritance. These inherited patterns arrive in your cellular system when you are born, a combination of the psycho-physical gene pool of your collective lineage and your own karmic contribution that you bring with you to life.

The trick in the third initiation is to be honest and realistic about your collective heritage and to do something creative with the unfortunate, tragic or more destructive aspects of your lineage. The good news is that, despite some rotting roots, your lineage has survived and trees have been sprouting in your family forest for many generations. You can have confidence that your Tree of Life is able to thrive and flourish, no matter how toxic your ancestral roots have been.

In order for your Tree to thrive however, you must pay steadfast attention to your ancestral inheritance, extracting every bit of nourishment you get can out of your tribal soil. You may need to re-pot some roots. You may even need to do some work around forgiveness, and learn to show gratitude to those who have gone before you and provided you with this interesting and unusual root system. Even though you may have grown up in an impoverished or toxic environment, there is still time to re-stabilize your ancestral roots.

We suggest building a small shrine to your ancestors in your home. It can be a simple altar with a few family / ancestral pictures and a candle. When you light the candle say a prayer and blessings for your ancestors. Ask them to speak to you. Show them some gratitude. You might be surprised what favors they return to you!

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