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Claim Your Power!

Claim Your Power!

Many people mistake claiming one’s power for having power over someone or something. This is not the power we are speaking of. Claiming your power has to do with consolidating your energetic power within yourself, so that you feel your core strength.

When you dwell in the roots of your Tree of Life, you are still subject to the influence of others – what they want from you, what they expect from you. So often you give your power away to others in a way which drains you of your own precious strength.

When you have claimed your own power you will be:

  • more able to give
  • more able to nurture
  • more able to relate

When you have claimed your own power, you are no longer giving it away.

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So, now imagine building the TRUNK to your Tree of Life. Imagine pushing up from the underground root system and establishing your single trunk form all those roots.

Imagine leaving behind your identity from your family, group or tribe. Imagine discovering your own identity away from everyone else and all the influences that pull you away from yourself on a daily basis.

When you build a strong trunk and separate from everyone else’s expectations, you start to feel your own power. You gain the ability to manage conflict and confrontation. You grow the muscle to withstand disapproval from others. You begin appreciating your own solitude. And you are more able to take risks and explore new territory.

To accomplish this, you can call forth the Adventurer within you, your inner wild spirit who helps you step out of the village boundary and search for your true identity.

When you are alone in the wilderness, the Adventurer taps into inner resources you never knew were there. The Adventurer is unafraid of whatever opposition hinders your growth or stops you from separating from the tribe.

The Adventurer transforms negative and destructive drives that keep you scattered, and focuses our energy towards an individual goal.

Here are some qualities to look forward to when you claim back your own power:

  • Adventurous
  • Ÿ Awake, alive, invigorated
  • Ÿ Assertive
  • Ÿ Able to withstand disapproval and rejection
  • Ÿ Self-motivated
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