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Call back your Instinctive Power

Call back your Instinctive Power

Most of us have had an experience in which our instincts were forced to “go underground”.  When you are cut off from your instincts and knocked off your natural rhythms, you lose a lot of your vital energy. Most of your energy is then spent repressing your wants and needs. And you may even find that you spend a lot of energy meeting other people’s needs.

It’s so important to honor any experiences you had that pushed your instincts underground. Many different life experiences can cut you off from your instincts:

–       Early loss of parent, home, country or loved one

–       Negative early sexual experience

–       Rejection from parent or significant other

–       Violation of personal boundaries

–       Overt criticism around instinctive urges

–       Excessive parental control of instinctive responses

–       Experiencing a violent or abusive relationship

–       Drug or alcohol addiction

Looking at the above list, can you identify anything that happened in your early life that forced your instincts underground? Once you identify what did occur you can call back the instinctive power you lost

Instinctive powers you can call back:

  • your personal boundaries
  • your sexual self
  • your care-free inner child
  • your creativity
  • any part of you that you would like to retrieve.

The secret to calling back your instinctive power is to sit with your feelings that are connected to the original wound, call back the power you lost and invite the life blood to return to tht part of you.

Sitting with your feelings around the loss can be a huge undertaking. We recommend that you have a guide – therapist or spiritual guide – so that you feel heard and supported.

Calling back your instinctive power requires you to identify what you want to reclaim. It could be passion or sexual desire or your inner child or the ability to know what you want and need!

And lastly, it is vitally important to call the life blood to return to your being. Often when we are traumatized, parts of our body go to asleep. When calling back your power, invite life blood to return to those parts of your body that are numb or asleep. When you do this with love and attention, the numb places begin to awaken and life blood begins to flow.

You are ready to flow and play once again!

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