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Building the Trunk of your Tree of Life

Building the Trunk of your Tree of Life

In many of our recent articles, we have been writing about the Roots of your Tree of Life. The initiation journey begins with anchoring the root system for obvious reasons.

The roots give you:

  • a sense of grounding
  • a healthy ego
  • a place of belonging
  • healthy self-esteem

A healthy root system provides a strong foundation that will sustain the weight of your trunk and branches.

Let’s take a look now at the TRUNK of your Tree of Life. In order to establish a strong and healthy trunk, you need to shift your consciousness away from a communal / ancestral focus to yourself as an individual.

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As you leave the underground roots and push your way to the surface, you discover who you are away from the various family, racial, and gender roles prescribed by your family and culture. Here you begin the journey of establishing a separate and individual identity, experiencing the joys and frustrations of individuation.

Part of the individuation process is claiming your power and channeling your energies towards your own projects and your own passions.

To do this you must separate from your inherited family patterns and ego patterns that keep you bound to the roots of the Tree. You have to awaken out of your village slumber and confront your resistances to evolving and developing.

This means giving up your egocentricity and the childlike dependencies that keep you from emotional maturity. It means facing the truth about yourself and learning to rely on your own inner resources with powers of self-observation.

As you develop your trunk, your true self, you must call up the wild and adventurous spirit inside you that can sustain the pain of separation and the explosion of unconscious complexes that erupt when you leave the containment of the roots.

When you have a strong sense of your trunk/true self you will:

  • feel free to follow the beat of your own heart
  • be unafraid of conflict and confrontation
  • have the courage to stand up for your truth
  • be aware of your personal power
  • be able to internalize your own authority
  • accept self-responsibility
  • live with integrity

These are the qualities you gain when you’ve built a strong trunk.

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