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Books by Megan Wagner, PhD

  1. Feminine Path of Power: Divine Feminine Initiation Path
  2. Awakening with the Tree of Life: 7 Initiations to Heal Body, Soul and Spirit (formerly The Sapphire Staff)
  3. Women’s Initiation Storybooks CLICK HERE
  4. Men’s Initiation Storybooks CLICK HERE

Books by Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner, PhD

Awakening the Feminine Path of Power: Divine Feminine Initiation Path 

Paperback Book –  $14.95 (click here to buy on Amazon)

Audio Book MP3 in 3 Volumes – $39.95 (click here)


The Feminine Path of Power is a modern-day Divine Feminine Initiation Path to nurture a woman’s soul and activate her sacred relationship with her body, heart, mind, will and spirit.

In 5 initiation stories you meet 5 feminine archetypes – the Warrioress, Queen, Visionary, Manifestor, and Wise Woman – to guide you on your initiation path. The Warrioress activates your core strength and grounded presence. The Queen opens your heart to receive love. The Visionary clears your mind to envision transformative change. The Manifestor focuses your will to manifest your dreams into the world. The Wise Woman invites you into self-mastery and spiritual knowing. The Feminine Path of Power provides a step-by-step initiation into full feminine wisdom, to free yourself from trauma and limiting beliefs, so you can reclaim your power and love yourself profoundly.

  • Intro: Awakening the Divine Feminine
  • Chapter 1: Women’s Initiations
  • Chapter 2: The Wise Woman: Walking the Path of Mastery
  • Chapter 3: The Four Clans
  • Chapter 4: The Shadowlands
  • Chapter 5: Awakening the Powers of the Clans
  • Chapter 6: The Warrioress: Find your Core Strength
  • Chapter 7: The Queen: Radical Self-Compassion
  • Chapter 8: The Visionary: Unlock your Creative Vision
  • Chapter 9: The Manifestor: Manifest your Best Life





Awakening with the Tree of Life: 7 Initiations to Heal Body, Soul and Spirit

Paperback Book –  $14.95 (click here for Amazon)

Kindle –  $9.95 (click here to buy)

Audio in 4 Volumes – $29.95 (buy below)


Introducing the Tree of Life Path of Healing with 7 Initiations to Heal Body, Soul and Spirit. In this pioneering book, Dr. Megan Wagner presents the Tree of Life Path of Healing, with creative exercises and psycho-spiritual practices designed to heal the Western mind and heart.

The Tree of Life lives within each person, with its roots, trunk and branches corresponding to body, soul and spirit. This book provides the tools to develop your Tree of Life to its full potential and live with physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Using Kabbalah, Depth Psychology, Mythology and Jewish and Christian stories, you will be guided through 7 stages of healing, so that you can let go of limiting attitudes and beliefs and break through to new life and new possibilities.

Included in the book:

  • A step-by-step course of psycho-spiritual development for individuals and groups
  • Exercises to heal emotional wounding
  • Meditations to increase self-awareness
  • Creative art projects and rituals for personal and spiritual transformation
  • Tools to repair, re-balance and align body, psyche and spirit

Tree of Life Audio Companion

  • 4 Volume DIGITAL DOWNLOAD taking you through the Tree of Life book

Join author Megan Wagner as she presents the Tree of Life path of healing, a powerful tool to align the roots, trunk and branches of our Tree (Body, Soul, Spirit) so we can thrive with optimum health. Through live drumming and storytelling and powerful meditations she will guide you to complete the 7 initiations needed for emotional and spiritual health.

Volume 1 – Introduction to the Tree of Life

Discover Dr. Wagner’s practical and dynamic teachings of Kabbalah and Depth Psychology in this comprehensive overview of the Tree of Life. Included are meditations to visualize and heal your personal Tree and guidance through Initiation 1 (BODY) so that you feel profoundly connected to your body and nature.

Introduction to the Tree of Life Path of Healing

  1. Introduction to the Tree
  2. The Tree of Life as a Sacred Symbol
  3. The Sephirot on the Tree
  4. The Tree of Life Initiation Model
  5. Aligning Roots, Trunk and Branches
  6. Initiation 1: BODY – Find Your Sacred ground
  7. Adamah
  8. Anima Mundi
  9. The body and its connection to the 4 elements
  10. The body and the 4 elements  (meditation)

Volume 2 – Heal and Nurture the Roots of Your Tree

With live drumming and storytelling, Megan Wagner leads you on an unforgettable journey with Persephone into the instinctive ground of being. You will learn to call back your instinctive power and connect with your ancestors during Initiations 2 & 3: INSTINCTS and COMMUNITY.

  1. Initation 2: Rooting into Instinctive Soil
  2. Honor Your Instinctive Rhythms
  3. The Myth of Persephone
  4. Retrieving Your Instinctive Power
  5. Call Back Your Instinctive Power             (meditation)
  6. Being held in the Arms of the Mother        (meditation)
  7. Initation 3: Connect with Community
  8. Enmeshed, Disengaged and Flexible Family Systems
  9. Gather the Family Stories
  10. Ancestral Blessings and Curses
  11. Meeting Ancestors around the Fire          (meditation)

Volume 3 – Strengthen and Balance the Trunk of Your Tree

Through the story of John the Baptist and the Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, you will learn to forge a strong individual identity, open your heart and stand in your truth. Initiations 4 & 5: IDENTITY and TRUTH will strengthen and balance the trunk of your Tree.

Initiation 4: Establish your own Identity

  1. Initiation 4: Establishing your own Identity
  2. Story of John the Baptist
  3. Freeing your True Self
  4. Freeing your True Self     (meditation)
  5. Surrender to the Waters of the Heart
  6. Surrender to the Waters of the Heart   (meditation)
  7. Initiation 5: Live your Truth
  8. Chalice of your Soul    (meditation)
  9. The Story of King Minos, the Minotaur, Theseus and Ariadne
  10. The Story of King Minos Part 2
  11. Sin, Redemption and Sacrifice

Volume 4 – Extend the Branches and Harvest the Fruit

The myth of Dionysus will open you to the inspiration and ecstasy of Spirit. As you extend the branches of your Tree during Initiations 6 & 7: TRANSFORMATION and WHOLENESS, you will discover your higher purpose, connect with the Divine and experience wholeness.

  1. Initiation 6: Open to Spirit
  2. The Myth of Dionysus
  3. Open to the Creative Life Force
  4. Meeting the Gatekeeper
  5. Facing the Gatekeeper at the Threshold (meditation)
  6. Initiation 7:Experience Wholeness
  7. Activating the Healer
  8. Activating the Healer (meditation)
  9. Building the Inner Sanctum
  10. The Inner Sanctum (meditation)
  11. Healing Symbols

What People are Saying about Tree of Life:

“Megan Wagner is a marvelous teacher, both in person and in her wonderfully clear, nuanced, and eminently readable book. She opens the threshold and points the way into the Western tradition of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life as a practice of self-discovery for everyone.”

– Rev. Jeremy Taylor, author of Dream Work, Where People Fly & Water Runs Uphill, co-founder and past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

“Here at last is a readable study of the ancient Jewish mystical system, the Kabbalah. Megan Wagner shows how the Kabbalah is unique in its position in the history of Western thought and spiritual development. Through her depiction of the Tree of Life, portrayed on beautiful silk robes, she illuminates the work with clarity and a genuine feeling of mystic lore. Rarely has such a clear and brilliant picture been presented of the Western Spiritual Path. Megan has created an integrative study that can be applied with beauty and simplicity, allowing one a profound vision into the nature of God.”

– Pat Luce, Co-President of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

 “This book is the guide to consciousness, spirit, and passion that your soul has been waiting for. The work of Megan Wagner transforms peoples’ lives. Her creative approach to psychology, interpreted through the Tree of Life, gives a template for health, healing, and growth.”

– Dr. Rev. Gina Rose Halpern, Founder of The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministry.

“Rooted in tradition, Megan Wagner is a faithful practitioner of the Kabbalah. With grace and insights, she uses ancient myths to teach the importance of sacred initiations and the need to live life fully. I recommend this book to people from all life paths for lasting transformation.”

– Sobonfu Somé, African Shaman and author of The Spirit of Intimacy, Welcoming Spirit Home and Falling Out of Grace.

“With this book, Megan Wagner provides a new way of approach to the ancient tradition of the Kabbalah. A lively, engaging, and highly practical application of these teachings to the needs of people today.”

– Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition.

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