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Blessing and Curses

Blessing and Curses

Blessings and Curses 

There are many energies plummeting down your ancestral lineage to you. You inherit all the blessings and the various curses that tumble down your family line. Let’s discover some creative ways to heal the specific negative patterns that affect the root system of your Tree.

When you look at your family tree, the lineage of your tribe, you can begin to see the kinds of curses or negative patterns that are passed down through the collective psyche. Curses hold you back, making development slow and initiation difficult. Curses take hold of you where the psyche has been wounded in some way.

A curse could be a negative voice playing like a tape within your psyche that is mysteriously shared by other members of your tribe. A curse can manifest as a voice that gets under your skin and into your bones. A curse can feel like a choking vine growing up and around your beautiful Tree, threatening to invade your root system.

A curse may be an internal voice like:

  • “You don’t deserve to be successful”
  • “Nobody takes you seriously”
  • “You’ll never make it”

A curse is a psychological complex, a pattern of behavior that clusters around certain subjects such as power, sex, money, nurturing, success, intimacy, self-sufficiency, dependency and domination. If you cannot come to terms with the curses, you get stuck developmentally, using up enormous resources on the roots of your Tree of Life.

It is obviously helpful to know some of the curses in your family line so that you can energetically cleanse yourself of these negative voices.

It is even more important to concentrate on the blessings of your lineage and amplify their effect in your life on a daily basis. BLESSINGS are the secret cure to curses. When you count your blessings and allow the positive energy of a blessing to flow through your entire being, it dissolves the curse. Claiming your blessings is the best way to cure any curses you have inherited from your ancestors.

Hands of lightAncestral blessings that come down your family line give you confidence and strength. They give you the skills you need to move forward in your initiation.

A blessing is a positive, life-giving voice within you that gives you courage in the face of life challenges. Blessings that come down your lineage feed your ROOTS from deep underground and make your Tree of Life strong. You may not even know where that strength comes from, but when faced with a crisis, you stand strong and know what to do.

Or maybe you have an internal voice that encourages you, pushes you to do better and to transcend barriers and blockades. This could very well be a blessing from your ancestors. Did you ever stop to consider this? You have some very powerful blessings that have been feeding your Tree all your life. ENJOY them!

The following are blessings you may have received from your tribe or clan:

  • I believe in what you are doing
  • You are capable of success
  • You are powerful
  • You are beautiful
  • You are intelligent
  • You are resourceful
  • Being a man is empowering
  • Being a woman is empowering

Take time to focus on one blessing today!

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