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Become the Author of Your Life

Become the Author of Your Life

This article is part of a small series on the Chalice of your Soul. This article focuses on the Hero/Heroine archetype and sheds more light on how to activate your inner Hero who can help you become the author of your own life.

In order for you to author your own life, you must own your life, dedicate yourself to expressing who you are and what you believe in. Imagine being an author. When you author something, you put your stamp on it, you own it, you become an expert in the subject you write about.

How about becoming an expert on yourself!

You begin “authorship” of your life when you activate the Hero within you who enables you to claim your individual authority in life and commit to your own path of truth.

In the diagram below, the Hero is located at the base of the soul chalice, at the place of TRUTH. The main quality developed at this stage is commitment – commitment to your own path so that you can claim your own authority in life.

Soul Triad-3

Here is a short description of your Hero/Heroine. See if you can identify with some or all of these qualities…

Your Hero is committed to your path. Your Hero speaks truth both to yourself and to the world. Your Hero is a leader and leads your inner characters on the journey of self-discovery. Your Hero has clear intentions. Your Hero possesses integrity and honesty. Your Hero has confidence and is able to be self-responsible. Your Hero holds your core values.

Take some time to contemplate your Hero/Heroine, located directly in your heart.

  • What kind of Hero/Heroine do you carry within you?
  • When you visualize your Hero/Heroine, what does he/she look like?

Take time to visualize your Hero and amplify this character. Befriend this character and have some fun with him or her.

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