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Barefoot Spiritual Practices

Barefoot Spiritual Practices

All day every day most of us have on our shoes and forget the feeling of the dirt and earth under our feet. Why is it so important on the spiritual path to feel the earth? Because connecting with nature is crucial to getting more grounded.

Nature is always vibrating at its optimum frequency. It is buzzing and humming with true vibrancy. It is totally imbued with the life force of planet earth. Human beings rarely vibrate at their optimum frequency. We rarely buzz and hum with true vibrancy. And we are rarely totally imbued with the life force of planet earth!

The only way to reconnect with the earth and get grounded is by taking off your shoes and actually connecting with the ground. Connecting with nature can put you right back into harmony with yourself.


One powerful way to get grounded is to go outside in nature, take off your shoes and walk on the earth. It feels so good to feel the ground beneath your feet. Take some time this week to sit on something made of stone, stand on the dirt, feel the grass beneath your feet. Really savor the feeling of contacting the earth. Meditate, smile, connect with the stone, the tree, the dirt.

When people feel out of sorts, they often go into nature – to a river, a lake, the ocean, the mountains, or a forest –  because it feels healing. Nature does what it naturally should do: it vibrates and sings to its natural rhythm. And human beings are healed by simply being in that vibration and rhythm.

Human beings can be very out of balance in terms of following their own rhythms, and being in nature helps to anchor us profoundly in our body. So when we come into the heart of nature, we rebalance our energy field and come back to a slower, more grounded rhythm.

Feeling held by Mother Nature is a powerful experience. Lying on the earth and allowing the earth to soak up our pain or our fragmented state of mind is truly healing to our bodies. If we feel disengaged, stressed or disembodied, we can go to an apple orchard and pick apples, go to a vineyard and pick grapes, work the land, dig in the garden and engage the senses.

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