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Awaken Your Spiritual Nature

Awaken Your Spiritual Nature

Deep within the core of your being lies your spiritual nature. It is so innately who you are that sometimes you don’t realize it is there, informing you, leading you in the right direction, whispering in your ear and nourishing you from a deep well of wisdom and experience.

How do you then awaken your spiritual nature and connect with it consciously? For if you awaken your spiritual nature consciously:

1) You can connect with your mission and purpose.

2) You can get more clarity around why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing!

3) You can glimpse your life purpose and transform any obstacles blocking you from living your destiny.

4) You can trust your innate spiritual knowing and feel inspired to practice your creativity.

All of these benefits sound amazing don’t they?!

One of the ways to open your spiritual nature and connect with it is to sit in quiet meditation and actually imagine connecting with your spirit. It is very helpful to picture it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your body. You can help your imagination by lighting a candle, looking at pictures of different spiritual guides or buying a “spiritual” statue and looking at it before you go into meditation.

Once you can picture your inner spiritual nature, it will be easier to connect with. Then you can forge a relationship with this part of yourself and begin asking questions such as, what is my greater purpose? Is there anything blocking me from my spiritual nature?

When you successfully open to your spiritual nature you will feel:

  • Wise
  • Inspired
  • Spiritually open
  • Creative and innovative
  • Can release outmoded beliefs
  • Able to be ecstatic and joyful
  • Able to surrender
  • Trust in the unknown path ahead

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