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Awaken Your Inner Visionary

Awaken Your Inner Visionary

Did you know you possess an inner Visionary that wants to communicate with you?

Your Visionary is connected to your spirit, to your higher self, the one who knows your true purpose and calling.

Your Visionary has a broad, wide, large, holistic perspective on your life and can envision the steps you need to fulfill your calling.

Your Visionary holds a vision of you radiating with an open spirit and brings you new hope and new possibilities.

Your Visionary helps you feel connected with all of life so you no longer feel alone in the universe.

Your Visionary sits on the cutting edge of life, seeing beyond ordinary reality, seeing the future and all the possibilities that could be.

Your inner Visionary sees the whole of your life, including past, present and future.

Your Visionary is able to integrate your past and point you into the future, directing you at each step as you move towards your destination.

Your Visionary can see the end product that you are to produce, the person that you are to become, how you are to serve and contribute your gifts, and how this will benefit others.

Your Visionary inspires the creativity you need to make your destiny a reality.

There are many ways to get in touch with your inner Visionary. One way is to go into deep meditation and ask your visionary to come forward. Then you can begin a dialogue either in meditation or through journaling. Ask your visionary to communicate with you and write down what he or she says. Another trick to connect with your visionary is to envision clearly with your imagination whatever you want to manifest in your life. Use the powers of your imagination to see and visualize exactly what you want. The stronger your powers of imagination and visualization the better. Ask you visionary to help you with his.

So befriend your Visionary and see how your life can unfold with this amazing inner ally.

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