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Alchemical transmutation

Alchemical transmutation

An Alchemist dedicates his or her life to transmuting different energies from their “raw” state into their higher, more refined state. The common saying is that an Alchemist turns lead into gold.

What does this mean for you and me? How can you benefit from the Alchemists knowledge?

One very important way to apply this knowledge is with your own raw instinctive drives. In their raw state, your instinctive drives can dominate your thinking, make you do irrational things, keep you in a reactive state.

We have instinctive drives to dominate, to control, to possess and to take what we want. When a power drive is in a raw, instinctive state, it holds you in a kind of possession, as when a compulsive behavior locks you into a particular way of feeling and behaving that can become self-destructive.

When that drive is transmuted however, the feeling of compulsivity or possession wanes and you are less reactive and more able to experience conscious control over the original drive.

In the language of the Tree of Life, you can channel that new energy and build yourself a strong and sturdy TRUNK, a vessel to hold your true self. This new vessel of the soul is more tailored to your individual truth. The purpose of transmuting your lead into gold is to alter the charge of the drive and to harness it into more appropriate channels. This means you are no longer caught by a reactive state, stuck in compulsivity or addiction.

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With the transmuted energy you can build the golden vessel of your soul. This is what turning lead into gold really means. When we no longer allow the old addiction or compulsion to dominate our actions, we have tuned our lead into gold.

The benefits of transmuting your lead into gold are:

  • better personal boundaries
  • sharper self-definition
  • the ability to think your own thoughts
  • feeling your  own feelings
  • withdrawing projections
  • growing a harder edge
  • saying “no”

After actively wrestling with your destructive power drives you have a chance to redirect the transmuted energy into avenues more suited to your true Self. Where you once had a wildfire of passions and chaotic animal forces – scattering your energy in a hundred directionsnow you can harness the wildfire into a controlled and channeled flame that has purpose and focus.

Think of the tremendous resource of energy that can now be redirected towards positive self service. This is the next step in establishing your own identity: learning to harness these powerful drives towards a goal that takes into consideration your growth, development and higher purpose.

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