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Accelerate your Evolution

ONLINE  GROUP: Accelerate!

A 2x monthly online community to Accelerate your evolution


Join Megan’s private online mentoring group to accelerate your personal and spiritual evolution. Each month we cover a new transformational tool with exercises and meditations you can easily do with your busy lifestyle. Megan will draw upon her 30 years of professional experience as a therapist and spiritual guide.

As a small group we will meet virtually 2x per month and you will have access to a private Facebook group and a private online website with videos, exercises and meditations to keep you on track with your goals and dreams!

In 2023 we continue the 33 MasterGuides exploration. Each Spiritual guide activate a spiritual quality that is depicted on one of Megan’s 33 Sacred Robes. Each Month we will contemplate the Sacred Robe and do spiritual journeying to call in each spiritual quality. We will call in Peace, Joy, Love, Wisdom, Strength and Compassion to name a few.

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MasterGuides Spiritual Mentoring Group

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