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Passion, Heart & Purpose

Living with Passion, Heart and PurposeMandala 2

If you want to have Passion and vitality…

If you want to live a Heart-centered life…

If you want to find your unique Purpose and be a powerful agent for change…

Join us on the Tree of Life Journey to recover your passion, open your heart and find your true purpose.

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PASSION – your vital energy

  • Your PASSION is your vital energy, the fuel for what you love to do.
  • If you give away your precious life energy to others or focus it on the wrong thing, you may feel drained, stressed or energetically blocked.
  • To get your PASSION back for yourself and re-energize your life, do what brings you joy, do things that make you feel alive, open, flowing and playful.

HEART – your true center of power

  • Once you harness your PASSION, you have enough vital energy to follow your own HEART and live your own truth.
  • Your HEART is your true center of power, your true self where you feel strong, confident and self-assured.
  • When you live from your HEART you shine your radiant self like a beacon of light and inspire others to do the same.

PURPOSE – your life’s calling

  • Your PURPOSE is your life’s calling, what you were born to do.
  • It’s your inner compass that steers you in the right direction and liberates your creative spirit to explore, expand and share your gifts with the wider world.

When your PASSION, HEART and PURPOSE are aligned and flowing….

  • miracles happen
  • abundance flows
  • the right people show up
  • doors open
  • deep inner peace descends

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